10 Bakeries In Singapore For Gender Reveal Cakes

As someone who has been pregnant, one of the best parts about the early stages of the pregnancy is guessing whether the little one you’re carrying is a boy or a girl. Prior to your 20-week scan or NIPT scan, all you’d be able to rely on for a clue about your baby’s gender would be the pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing and for some, the clues that appear in your dreams!

Although gender reveal parties are usually held in big groups (aka with the family), COVID-19 has made it a little difficult for us to gather in large groups to enjoy the thrill of uncovering whether the latest addition to the family is a little boy or a girl. However, you still can have small, intimate gender reveal parties at home and have the family join in the fun via a Zoom or Skype call. There’s no reason to postpone the celebration of the arrival of your little one, and most importantly, to do so with a good cake! Here are 10 Bakeries in Singapore Where You Can Pick Up Your Gender Reveal Cakes.

Photo Credit: Afters Bakery

#1 Afters Bakery

Afters Bakery has one whole cake (Cleo at S$140 to S$180) and two different cupcake sets (Footprints for S$45, Twinkle for S$45) that you can purchase for your gender reveal party. Do note that there are only 4 flavours available for Cleo due to the use of coloured sponge (i.e. Chocolate Truffle, Speculoos, Salted Caramel or Vanilla Lemon). Whatever works for you, get it!

Photo Credit: Bakers Brew

#2 Bakers Brew

Pick up your little one’s gender reveal cake from Bakers Brew (S$158 for a 6″ cake). Their Gender Reveal cake is topped with handmade fondant balloons and features pink and blue meringue cookies atop one side of the cake. You’ll be able to select the flavour of your cake (with some limitations on the colour of the cake) and also have a message on the cake board.

Photo Credit: Bob The Baker Boy

#3 Bob The Bakery Boy

Bob the Baker Boy offers customised gender reveal cakes that will cut open to reveal your little one’s gender! As expected, a blue layered cake would indicate that you are expecting a baby boy and a pink layered cake, a baby girl. You’ll also be able to design your own cake and select your own cake flavour. Their gender reveal cakes will cost you S$158 and more.

Photo Credit; Creme Maison Bakery

#4 Creme Maison Bakery

Creme Maison Bakery offers a variety of gender reveal whole cakes (ranging from S$95 to S$255) as well as the Sydney (Gender Reveal) Cupcakes (S$54 to S$96). For their cupcakes, it will be filled with a cream of your baby’s gender and for the cakes, it will be a blue layered cake for a baby boy and a pink layered cake for a baby girl. For the whole cakes, they will also come with a cake topper fixed on the whole cake.

Photo Credit: Edith Patisserie

#5 Edith Patisserie

Edith Patisserie has two pretty gender reveal cakes that you can get for your gender reveal celebrations. If you’re looking for something simpler, do consider their Gender Reveal Marbled Cake (from S$80.30). For something slightly more fancy and extravagant, why not grab their Gender Reveal Drizzle Cake (from S$80.30)? The gender reveal cakes are vanilla-based and covered with lightly tinted vanilla buttercream which comes in a blend of baby blue and baby pink.

Photo Credit: J Petite Patisserie

#6 J Petite Patisserie

J Petite Patisserie has one whole cake available for your gender reveal: The Blue and Pink Macaron Drip Cake (from S$108). Do note that any name, numbers and toppers are not included in the purchase price. You’d be required to purchase them separately under their “cake accessories”.

Photo Credits; River Ash Bakery

#7 River Ash Bakery

At River Ash Bakery, you can either pick up their Gender Reveal Cake with Macarons (S$79 for 6″) i Classic Vanilla or Chocolate Fudge, or their regular Gender Reveal Cake (also S$79) which comes dressed in meringue kisses and pastel sprinkles instead.

Photo Credit: The Butter Studio

#8 The Butter Studio

The Butter Studio’s Gender Reveal Cake (S$68 for 6″) comes in either Lady Isaphan (pink) flavour if you’re having a baby girl, and Blue Velvet if you’re having a boy. Do remember to also indicate your preference for the gender at the “Remarks” column upon checkout!

Photo Credit: The Frosted Chick

#9 The Frosted Chick

The Frosted Chick offers a watercolour cake for their Gender Reveal cakes (S$65). As usual, the colour selection for the sponge cake will be pink for a baby girl and blue, for a baby boy. Do note that additional fondant, words/numbers and other toppers are not included in the price quoted.

Photo Credit: White Spatula

#10 White Spatula

Frosted with a light vanilla buttercream, White Spatula’s Gender Reveal Buttercream Cake comes at a price of S$99 for 6″. You can pick from either the fudgy chocolate or vanilla bean for their cake flavour, and top up S$15 to enjoy one of their premium flavours.

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