11 Things That We Must Have In Our Baby Bag

The point of having a well-stocked baby bag is so that you don’t get caught off guard when you’re out in public. That you’d have enough to fight any wars with your baby’s poop, and to keep your baby happy if you’re running errands or grabbing a quick meal.

At 9 months of age, here are 11 items that we cannot do without in our baby bag. These are essentials for us to stay alive (lol). Yes, our bag does seem pretty full but better to be well-equipped than to scramble around looking for these items in a mall! Are there any items on our list that aren’t on yours and any items that we should include in our list too?

#1 Antibacterial Wet Wipes (Baby-safe)

We always make it a habit to carry a pack of antibacterial (but of course, baby-safe) wipes out with us to clean any surfaces that Ruth would touch.

To be specific, when we eat out, we would use these wipes to wipe the table that is in front of her, as well as the baby chair that she sits on. Babies being babies would definitely reach out to the places around them and thereafter put their hands in their mouths. In this COVID-19 climate, it would be best to sanitize these areas so as to limit any possibility of your babies picking up any unwanted viruses or germs. We also use these wipes to sanitize the toys that Ruth throws on the floor mid-way during the meals, so that she can continue to play with them. Better to be safe than sorry.

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#2 Baby Bites (or any baby snacks, really)

One of the best ways to keep your child entertained during a meal out is to have them enjoy a snack or two whilst you enjoy your meal. As Ruth is still at the age where she loves to drop things from her hand (and see them drop), we opt to give her Baby Bites (which is easier for her to grip and arguably more affordable than some other brands of baby snacks) which would keep her entertained for a good 10 to 15 minutes. In the car, we bring along the Gerber Baby Puffs which help to keep her busy throughout the course of a 20-minute car ride. And truth be told, we were very surprised with how many puffs she wolfed down!

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#3 Baby Bibs and utensils

Unfortunately, Ruth is not the best eater and she tends to dribble a lot of the food that we feed her during meals. And of course, this ruins her outfit if we don’t have a bib prepared! Although we usually use the thick silicone bibs at home, we choose to bring a thin waterproof bib out with us that can be folded and occupies little storage space in our baby bag.

If you’re not fussy with utensils, most of the restaurants that you visit should have utensils meant for babies. But again for Ruth, her mouth isn’t the largest and she does struggle with using certain utensils provided by restaurants. So, to just keep things simple, we bring our own in case the restaurant’s utensils aren’t suitable for her. Plus the Munchkin utensils we use have a temperature indicator so that’s always helpful for feeding.

Recently, we started bringing along our own silicone bibs and tableware to ensure consistency between her meal times taken at home or in public. This is important for us to inculcate a familiar yet enjoyable experience whilst she eats to esure she doesn’t reject food down the line. Also, since the utensils and tableware outside are made of hard plastic or metal, it does cause a din when Ruth sweeps them off the table.

Which is why we had scoured the web and supply chain to bring in our very own silicon products that are certified to be food safe and baby friendly. Meal times really need not be that difficult after all.

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#4 Baby Wearing Wrap

If you haven’t already read our post on baby-wearing wraps, you should. As our Japheth Chiara baby wrap is portable and small, we take it out with us in case Ruth gets fussy and needs to sleep. Although we do bring her out in the Stokke carrier, she does not sleep very well in that carrier (and absolutely hates the stroller) and prefers resting in cloth carriers.

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#5 Diapers and Diaper Rash Cream

This is understood. If your baby is still not toilet-trained (okay but let’s admit it, how many babies are toilet-trained before the age of 1?), you will need to bring out extra diapers in case your baby has a blow-out/the diaper overflows, which therefore demands a diaper change. Sure, if you’re in a mall and happen to forget your diapers, you can always run into Watsons/Guardian or even into a local supermarket to grab some. But that would mean putting yourself through the extra stress of hunting for the right diapers whilst straddling an angry baby on the hip.

So save yourself the trouble. Bring those extra diapers. Do also make sure that you check on the diaper stash in your diaper bag often (in case the diapers in the bag are no longer the correct size for your baby). And of course, bring along some diaper rash cream to apply to your little one’s bum after a diaper change. Keep that area moisturized and your baby’s bum, happy!

#6 Disposable Changing Mat

Although the mall you visit may have a baby changing room (with baby changing areas), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to err on th eside of caution and bring your own disposable changing mat to line the changing area. And even better, if your little one needs to sleep (and hates the stroller) and you happen to be eating at a restaurant with booth seating, you can even use the disposable changing mat to line the booth so that your little one can rest easy. Many uses for one item, handy, we’d say.

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#7 Hot Water Bottles + Milk Bottles

As Ruth is still on full breast milk (save for her solid feeds), we usually bring out a bottle of breastmilk to feed her on the go. To keep the breastmilk warm (instead of finding a place to get it warmed when we’re out), we usually put the warmed breastmilk in a cooler bag with 2 hot water bottles. This is what works for us, maybe it’ll work for you too?

#8 Regular Baby/Wet Wipes

This goes without being said. Bring along enough wet wipes with you so that you can take care of any unwanted accidents/just clean up your baby. And worst come to worst, wet wipes can even be a toy for your baby! The sound of the crackling baby wipes should be enough to keep them entertained for a little bit.

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#9 Spare Change of Clothes (2 sets)

Always be prepared for blow-outs or exploding diapers. Or, for your child to mess themselves up during mealtimes. So, we usually pack 2 sets of clothes with us to change Ruth. Do also make sure that you regularly rotate the clothes in your diaper bag so that they’re clean, and to also ensure that they’re age-appropriate (aka size-appropriate) for your baby. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation of trying to squeeze your little one into clothes that are just way too small for them!

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#10 Toys

Again, this is to save us during meal times and car rides. Ruth needs constant engagement and one of the best ways to do it is by bringing along a couple of her favourite toys to keep her engaged. One of her favourite toys is Sophie the Giraffe, and she also really enjoys playing with her Avocado Jellycat stuffed toy. Worst come to worst, desperate times calls for desperate needs. We turn on “Johny Johny, Yes Papa” and we finally get a smile on her face.

And then there’s the teething phase which begins around the 8th month mark (this varies from child to child). Your child might experience increase irritability and throw tantrums when they are unable to sooth that uncomfortable feeling in their mouths. This is why we’ve launched our very own line of teethers that comes in unique designs and colours, providing the much needed comfort and distraction when you’re out and about. You may also read more on why teethers are essential during this phase.

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#11 Water Bottle

Ruth is at the age where she has started to learn how to drink from straw bottles. What this means is that we don’t have to constantly feed her with milk and can instead satiate her thirst with water. We pack a little bottle of between 200-250ml in our bag and take it to go so she can have a drink in the car or anywhere on the go. And if you run out of water along the way, you can always go to the baby room in the mall you’re at to fill up your bottle with more water. You’re good to go.

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