11 Ways To Surprise Dad For Father’s Day At Home

Hello there 21 June and a warm, hearty Father’s Day wish to all of you Fathers out there! Whether you’re a new father or “old” / seasoned father (you get what we’re driving at), Father’s Day is your day, embrace it. Admittedly, most of us tend to ignore the contributions that our fathers have made for us; balancing their career in a bid to protect the family’s financial situation to being hounded by us to spend more time with them. As a daughter myself, I know that I also did give my dad a difficult time as he often expressed himself in a way that was interpreted differently though he only had the best intentions. Hey, nothing’s perfect and we’re all a work in progress.

Take this day to look back and appreciate everything that our fathers have done for us, and be mindful of the unspoken sacrifices that they have made for us on their part. And yes, if you’re reading this post today and have yet to put together anything to convey your appreciation for dad, don’t worry because it’s still not too late. You’re still in good time and here are 11 Ways To Surprise Dad For Father’s Day At Home. But to be honest, even if you fail to get anything arranged, just make the effort to spend some quality time with dad. That’s more than enough, and the most meaningful gift that your dad could receive.

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#1 A Cocktail Surprise or Two

For the most part, dads have to be on their best behaviour at all times. But on Father’s Day, they can afford to loosen up a little, can’t they? Instead of bringing your old man round to the nearest hopping bar (and potentially exposing yourselves to more germs than you’re prepared for), why not pick up a cocktail delivery from Wheels On The Bars? At Wheels on the Bars, you’d be able to grab a drink from 21 different bars in Singapore with 100% of the sale proceeds going towards supporting these bars during the COVID-19 situation.

Gift sets that you can look forward to include the Komyuniti Father’s Day Gift Box (19-21 June) Pre-order (S$60) from Komyuniti or TSCxHugo Father’s Day Gift Box (S$88) from The Single Cask. Elsewise, curate your own cocktail selection from the various bars on Wheels On The Bars. If your order is from a single bar, this will cost you S$12 for delivery. For two or more bars, delivery will cost S$18. And if your old man is open to enjoying a tipple with you, grab yourself a drink too!

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#2 A New Armchair / Massage Chair

Okay, I have to be honest. This idea grew out of a “wishlist” that my husband and I were putting together for the incoming baby. We love the idea of comfortable armchairs as comfort plays a key part in the enjoyment of a good book and a hot cuppa. And if you’re keen to take it to the next level, why not treat your old man to a massage chair so that he can indulge in a massage after a long day of work? The great part about purchasing a chair is that it’s not a temporal gift but rather a permanent one. What better way to bless your dad than with a gift that he could enjoy every day?

Places that you can consider purchasing a good ol’ armchair from include Castlery, HipVan, Forty Two and even IKEA. If you’re looking for a massage chair, you can turn to OSIM and even Tangs. Given that most retail shops in malls are now open, you can head down yourself to purchase these chairs and gift them to dad in the evening!

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#3 Cake Will Always Save The Day

Cake will always save the day, and really, what is a day of celebration without some cake? If you’re a homebody and prefer having a cake delivered to you, you can consider picking up sliced cakes from any bakeries listed on food delivery sites and for whole cakes, our go-to bakery is Cedele. If not, just head out to your nearest shopping mall and grab a cake from one of the cakeries there. Simple and sweet, and you may even have some leftovers for breakfast or a snack on Monday!

For the adventurous and those who have a little more flair in the kitchen, you can also bake your own cake from scratch (although we are noticing a lack of vanilla essence in most supermarkets these days). Whether it turns out well (or not), dad will be sure to love it because of the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into the bake.

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#4 Cook Dad A Meal

One thing that we can all agree on is that the Circuit Breaker period saw the emergence of many new “MasterChefs”. So why not take Father’s Day as an opportunity to show off your skills instead of choosing to dine at some fancy restaurant? Best of all, you know your dad’s palate and you can curate the menu specifically to his taste buds. Simply google a recipe, we’re sure you’d find something that caters to your needs.

Also, if dad enjoys being in the kitchen, this is also a great opportunity for you to spend some quality time with dad. Rope mom in for this cookout too and make it a family bonding activity!

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#5 Coffee Subscription

If you’ve got a dad who’s serious about his coffee, one way to surprise him this Father’s Day is to purchase a coffee subscription for him! This way, you ensure that he’s getting a good caffeine fix every day that he’ll enjoy thoroughly. Coffee subscriptions that you can purchase include subscription services from Nylon Coffee Roasters, Hook Coffee, Arrow Coffee, Perk Coffee and Cowpresso Coffee Roasters.

To top it off, this would be the perfect last-minute gift for dad since you don’t actually need to have something in hand to present to him. All you’ll need is your subscription confirmation and you’re good to go.

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#6 Flowers – Come on, Dad Deserves Them Too

Most of the time we’d pick up a gorgeous pick of blooms for our mothers or girlfriends. What we’re forgetting is that dad could also appreciate some beautiful flowers as well. At the end of the day, flowers always make someone feel special and even if dad doesn’t outwardly express any fondness for the blooms presented to him (ah, you know what I mean), he sure does inside!

If you’re not familiar with flowers, visit one of your local florists and leave the daunting tasks in their hands. Elsewise, you can also consider putting together your own bouquet for dad by purchasing different types of flowers and leaves from your neighbourhood supermarkets or from Far East Flora at a wholesale price.

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#7 How About A Movie Marathon?

As we’ve said, quality time is everything and if picking up a gift is too much of a hassle tomorrow, your time is all that matters to dad. With the Circuit Breaker, we would bet that most of you would already have a Netflix Subscription and if you haven’t, where have you been? Select one of dad’s favourite movies and sit him down for a time of fun accompanied with light bites such as chips and salsa, popcorn and perhaps even a glass of wine?

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#8 Make Dad A Card

A no-brainer, but probably one of the most underrated gifts of this time. I’m someone who’s sentimental and love receiving cards, but the whole process of picking out a card and preparing one takes ages. But that’s what makes it special because the recipient will be able to appreciate the amount of effort and time that you’ve put into creating the card.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are some ideas that you can follow (from Pinterest) and from The Spruce Crafts). But nothing beats a simple handwritten letter which expresses your appreciation for what your dad has done for you.

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#9 Order In Something Different

Yups, we’ve all got into the habit of ordering food online on multiple delivery platforms during the Circuit Breaker period. If you’re not big on cooking or haven’t made any reservations just yet, consider ordering something a little different from what you’re used to from these delivery platforms that would transform your Father’s Day meal from zero to hero. Women’s Weekly has curated an excellent article about 18 options for takeaway and delivery for Father’s Day. Check it out here.

For us, we’ve picked up a Father’s Day feast from On and On Diners (S$150 without GST for 5-7 pax) and we’re so excited to share this with my grandparents tomorrow. Alternatively, grab your Father’s Day meal from Manna Pot Catering. We can definitely vouch for the quality of their food because they were our wedding caterers after all!

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#10 Sing The House Down With Dad

My dad is an avid lover of karaoke and can’t stay away from the microphone every time we’re at the karaoke. Due to the COVID-19 situation and that the maintenance of personal hygiene is paramount during this difficult time, why not bring karaoke right into your own home? There are several home karaoke systems available for purchase whether from Lazada or Shoppee. Not only will your dad love you for this present and it’s going to save all of you a ton of money as well! A double win.

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#11 Vouchers: Let Dad Buy His Own Present

If all else fails and you simply don’t know what to get dad for a gift, why not let dad get his won present? That way you know he’ll definitely be happy with whatever he “gets” for his Father’s Day gift. Alternatively, come up with your own set of vouchers which grants dad the opportunity to redeem various “perks” from you, such as a back massage, chores, or even a Father-and-Child outing.

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