The Best Silicone Teethers That Will Make Your Kid Smile

Teething is one of the most “painful” experiences of parenthood; both for the parents and the little baby. But thankfully, someone created teethers. Teethers are said to give babies’ gums a little comfort as sucking on the teether creates some pressure on the gum, and thereby pain relief. It also helps that the teethers keep your little one entertained whilst you’re rushing out their meals, or trying to pack up and get everyone out of the door.

We’ve recently launched our Little Child of Mine Store, the Essentials. Here, we specially curated a selection of silicone teethers that are not only cute but also of excellent quality. We also carry a selection of silicone products that would be a great fit for your little one’s mealtimes. These are the teethers that we have brought in – we bet you’ll love them as much as we do!

Pictured above: Baby Teether – Little Brown Bear

Our teethers are eco-friendly and made from high-quality food-grade organic silicone. The teether is also BPA-free and is not made from toxic or hazardous materials. The teether is soft and chewable, easy to clean, and heat resistant. So if you’re looking to be super thorough with keeping your teether clean for your little one, you can go ahead and sterilize it with your steam sterilizer. Additionally, silicone teethers are relatively easy to clean. You’re all good.

Pictured above: Baby Teether – Elephant Hearts

Given that the teethers can withstand a wide range of temperatures, your child can benefit from both warm and cold relief that a silicone teether can provide. However, as child-safe as these teethers appear to be, it would definitely be wise to monitor your child’s use of the teether especially for children below the age of 3. Do also ensure that you clean the teether before giving it to your child for use.

Pictured above: Baby Teether – Cute Sushi (with Pacifier Clip)

Pictured above: Baby Teether – Cute Llama

Pictured above: Baby Teether – Pink Flamingo

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