Premium Breastmilk Bags (50 Pcs)

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Brand: Little Child of Mine

Little Child of Mine - Breastmilk Bags (200ml)

⚡ ️ Economical 50 bags per box (store up to 200ml each) (O.P. S$15.80/box)
⚡ Also available in smaller 25 bags sizes (no box)

✔️ Double ziplock design with secure seals
✔️ Freezer safe freshness
✔️ Robust leakproof seams (1/2 inch heat seals)
✔️ Pre-sterilised for enhanced safety
✔️ Premium BPA-Free food-grade material
✔️ Easy read and fill design
✔️ Free-standing and flat laying design

Little Child of Mine started out as a project of love. We documented and shared the milestones that we experienced in our parenthood journey with the hope that it would encourage fellow parents and add value to any discussions/topics within the parenting community.

As first-time parents, we struggled particularly with breastfeeding. Eventually, we decided to pump exclusively and it was absolutely essential that the breastmilk bags we used were affordable, user-friendly for both parents and did not break easily.

After having conversations with other parents about breastfeeding, we decided to create our very own breastmilk bag that is accessible to all parents. This breastmilk bag is designed in a user-friendly way, and is made from premium materials yet priced fairly.

This breastmilk bag is designed for you, and with you in mind. It also features elements which we felt would ease the storage of breastmilk bags. We hope to accompany and support you in your breastfeeding journey.

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Breastmilk Bag

Rated 5.0 out of 5
4th December 2023

Have been using this breastmilk bag since I started breastfeeding. It is sturdy yet not too rough nor filmsy. The seals are strong enough and not too stiff that made it hard to open/seal. The ml readings are accurate too and compared to other brands I’ve used, this is a good product. Support local and give it a try. You will love it too.