10 Confinement Meal Delivery Services in Singapore to Try

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For expecting mothers, we have been impressed (by our families or friends) on the importance of confinement meals, and in particular, the benefits of various ingredients that will typically be incorporated into them.

If you’ve already engaged a confinement nanny, it would normally be part of your confinement nanny’s duties to cook meals for you. But for those who have no plans to engage one and will be leaning on the support of family to tide through the confinement period, why not consider purchasing a confinement meal package to ease the burden off you and your family’s shoulders? Alternatively, if you’d like to continue rejuvenating your body with the goodness of Chinese herbs and other essential ingredients even after confinement, it may also be easier for you to purchase a confinement meal package with one of the confinement food delivery services whilst you acclimatise to taking care of your new infant without the help of your confinement lady.

Below, we share with you 10 different confinement food delivery services available in Singapore, along with their package rates. Should there be any confinement meal delivery services that we did not include in our list, please do let us know and we would be happy to update our guide accordingly.

Please note that the prices for the packages stated below do not include GST unless expressly specified.

Photo credits: Chilli Padi Confinement (Facebook)

#1 Chilli Padi Confinement Food

Although you may first associate Chilli Padi with their restaurant and chain of cafeterias, Chilli Padi also delivers confinement food which is not only nutritious but delicious. Their menu is focussed on aiding a new mother’s recovery from childbirth, and incorporates ingredients that helps to restore a mother’s hormonal balance whilst increasing the production of breastmilk. Dishes that you can look forward to include Ginseng Black Chicken Tonic Soup, Pig’s Trotters with Vinegar, and even ‘Ayam Ponteh’.

Chilli Padi Confinement’s meal packages include a 28-days dual meal (S$1688; with complimentary 4 bottles of freshly baked lactation cookies (U.P. S$25 per bottle), a S$50 voucher for both Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant and Chilli Padi Catering, and S$100-off their themed buffet set up at Chilli Padi Catering with a minimum spend of S$1,000), a 28-days single meal (S$888; with 2 free bottles of freshly baked lactation cookies), 21-days dual meal (S$1,328; with 2 free bottles of freshly baked lactation cookies) and more. Have a taste of what Chilli Padi Confinement has to offer with their trial meal which will only cost you S$30. You may contact Chilli Padi Confinement at +65 6914 9900 or at [email protected].

#2 Happy Mummy

Bringing mothers a blend of modern and healthy home-cooked Singaporean recipes, Happy Mummy does not believe in compromising when it comes to their confinement menu. The dishes on Happy Mummy’s confinement menu are packed with nutrients, include various TCM or Chinese herbs such as red dates and Golf berries and use minimal salt and oil; essentially, their meals are targeted at helping new mothers to recover from childbirth while helping their bodies cope with the demands of breastfeeding.

Happy Mummy’s Standard 28-days twin meals package comes at a price of S$1,598 (early bird price of S$1,468), their 20-days twin meals package will cost you S$1,198 (S$1,128 for early birds). Their Classic 28-day twin meals package will cost you S$1,888 whereas their 21-day twin meal package, S$1,416. As for Happy Mummy’s Premium Confinement Package, this will cost you S$2,198 for 28-days (twin meals) and S$1,588 for a 20-day (twin meals). Happy Mummy’s rates for their other packages and trial meal can also be found here. You may contact Happy Mummy at +65 9720 7009 or at [email protected] for more information on their confinement meal packages.

Photo credits: Kim Paradise (Facebook)

#3 Madam Kim

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the provision of Tingkat delivery services, new mothers can look forward to Madam Kim‘s confinement menu which is filled with mouthwatering and nutritious dishes that will warm their hearts and bodies. Madam Kim’s confinement menu consists of traditional Chinese confinement dishes which uses ingredients such as ginger to warm and detoxify the body, liver and kidneys to increase the iron levels and blood flow in the bodies of mothers recovering from childbirth. New mothers can also be assured that Madam Kim scrutinises the quality and freshness of their ingredients, and that their meals are prepared with lesser oil and salt. They also have more than 70 dishes on their confinement menu so you’d never get bored!

Madam Kim’s 28-days double meal package costs S$1,808 and their 28-days single meal package, S$928. If you’re unsure of whether their menu would suit your tastebuds, consider purchasing their 1-day trial meal at S$38. The trial meal comes with 2 dishes, 1 soup, brown rice and herbal tea. You may contact Madam Kim at +65 9091 4988 or [email protected] for more information on their confinement packages.

Photo Credits: NannySOS Confinement Agency (Facebook)

#4 NannySOS Confinement Food Delivery

Offering confinement food delivery services for 7, 14, 20 or 28 days, NannySOS doesn’t just provide new mothers with confinement nanny services but also sumptuous confinement food daily packages which have been specially designed to re-condition the bodies of new mothers. In particular, NannySOS claims that their confinement food menu has been tailored for mothers who have experienced natural birth, Caesarean and even those who have suffered a miscarriage. NannySOS’ chef has put together a menu which features the use of Chinese herbs, sesame oils, whilst avoiding the use of MSG or salt given that these ingredients could cause water retention or bloating. Each meal delivered to you will consist of 2 portions of vegetables, 1 portion of protein, 1 portion of non-meat protein and 1 portion of carbohydrate, and is accompanied by 500ml of longan red date tea.

NannySOS’ dual meals confinement package for 28 days will cost you S$1,680 whereas a single meal 28-day package, S$840. Expecting mothers can choose to purchase a trial meal lunch or dinner at a price of S$35, before deciding whether they wish to purchase a package from NannySOS. Do note that their confinement food is non-halal and that they will also be able to deliver their dishes to you during public holidays except for during the Chinese New Year period. You may contact NannySOS for further details on their confinement food delivery packages at +65 6817 2479 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: NouRiche by Rich Food (Facebook)

#5 NouRiche by RichFood

Delivering postpartum confinement meals for more than a decade, NouRiche by RichFood is proud to have provided over a thousand mothers in Singapore with their selection of confinement meals. Executive Chef Gordan Wang and his team have put together a confinement meal menu which is targeted at replenishing a new mother’s nutrients so as to allow mothers to bounce back to optimal health as soon as possible, whilst boosting their breast milk production. Dishes that mothers can look forward to include Ba Zhen with Pork Rib Soup, Chayote with Sliced Fish, Chayote with Sliced Pork, Codonopsis Pilosula (Dang Shen) with Salmon Soup, Nourishing Cordyceps Soup and more.

NouRiche by RichFood’s regular confinement twin meal package (lunch & dinner) will cost you S$1,636.03 for 28 days (early bird discount of S$138) and S$1,208.03 for 20 days (early bird discount of S$108). They also provide vegetarian confinement meals, with their 28-day twin meal package costing S$2,157.12 (early bird discount of S$56) and their 20-day twin meal package costing S$1,583.60 (early bird discount of S$56). For a sampling of NouRiche by RichFood’s food offerings, you can order their Regular Confinement Trial Meal (S$32.10 inclusive of GST) which includes a Prenatal Pork Rib Soup, Braised Chicken with Eucommia and Stir Fried Broccoli with Fresh Mushroom & Sliced Fish, Black Glutinous Rice & Logan Soup, Brown Rice and Red Date Tea.

For an additional 5% discount on top of the early-bird discount on a 28-day confinement package, make sure that you use the promo code “OCBCBABY” at checkout. Do contact NouRiche by RichFood at +65 6261 4600 or at [email protected] for more information.

#6 Sizzling Dyyana

Offering a halal option for confinement meals, Sizzling Dyyana is a home-based confinement meal company which offers delivery both Asian and Western cuisines for confinement meals from Monday to Saturday. Do note that your meals (lunch and dinner) will be delivered at the same time as opposed to a two-times-a-day delivery with other confinement delivery services.

For a 30-day confinement meal package, we understand her rates to be S$1,300 for twin meals as at 2019. A 10-day package (single meal) is also available at S$450. Per meal, you will enjoy a single meat or fish dish, vegetables, rice (a mixture of white, brown, black and red rice), a lactation treat and a healthy drink. For a one-time trial meal (both lunch and dinner), this will cost you S$45. You may contact Sizzling Dyyana for more information at +65 8222 3105.

Photo Credits: Thomson Baby (Facebook)

#7 Thomson Medical Confinement Food Delivery

For mothers who delivered their babies at Thomson Medical and enjoyed the confinement food served there, why not consider ordering your confinement meals from Thomson Medical Confinement Food Home Delivery? Their menu is specially curated by Thomson Medical’s in-house team of nutritionist experts and features ingredients and herbs which help to ease a mother’s recovery from the exhaustion of childbirth. From modern dishes to traditional confinement favourites, new mothers would be treated to dishes such as Fish and Papaya Soup, Braised Pig’s Trotters with Black Vinegar and Homemade Chicken Essence with Wine.

Each meal comes with five items; meat, vegetable, rice, soup and red dates & longan tea. Their 28-day lunch and dinner package is also split into two different segments, 10 days and 18 days, the purpose being that your meals for the first 10 days are milder in taste to help digestion whereas the meals for the next 18 days are richer and more “heaty” to boost your nutrition levels.

Thomson Medical’s 28-day lunch and dinner package costs S$1,980 and there is presently an NTUC promotion which will give you a S$100 discount on that same package. For a single meal over 28-days, this will cost you S$1,188. At S$68, a trial meal with Thomson Medical is slightly pricier than other confinement delivery services, but you’d be able to enjoy meat, vegetable, double-boiled soup, rice and red dates and longan tea. And for this month, you will be entitled to a free 3-day Bento Lunch Box (worth S$38.70) for every purchase of Thomson Medical’s Traditional Chinese Confinement Food Home Delivery package.

Photo Credits: Tian Wei Signature (Facebook)

#8 Tian Wei Signature

Boasting a creative and extensive menu with more than 90 meat and vegetable dishes, spanning across multi-cuisine meals, new mothers will be in for a treat with the diverse selection of cuisines and options that Tian Wei Signature has to offer. Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food’s meal options are also MSG-free and are breastfeeding-friendly (from the Lactogenic ingredients included in their meals). Expect delights such as Red Fermented Wine Chicken, Steamed Threadfin Fillet with Ginger Broth and Black Fungus, Mediterranean Tomato Cumin Chicken Stew with Eggplant, Ganoderma Lucidum Stewed Chicken Soup and more.

Tian Wei Signature’s 28-days double meal package will cost you S$1,688 (early bird discount of S$128) and 28-days single meal package, S$898 (early bird discount of S$38), You can also add on S$20 for a single serving of Bird’s Nest, S$10 per serving of a Bento Meal and S$75 for a 30-day package of bathing herbs. Tian Wei Signature’s signature trial will cost you S$40 and their normal trial, S$35. Do note that the trial meal is only for a single meal i.e. either lunch or dinner. Do contact Tian Wei Signature at +65 6727 5599 or at [email protected] for more information on their confinement meal packages.

Photo Credits: Ummu Fazwill SG (Facebook)

#9 Ummu Fazwill SG

Praised by influencers and various artistes such as Ainon Talib, Sarah Aqilah and Jumaiyah from Halal Food Hunt and more, Ummu Fazwill SG is a halal confinement food catering service which offers confinement meals which are filled with nutrients and essential ingredients to restore mothers back to health after childbirth. Their confinement meals are sent to mothers twice a day (even on Public Holidays) and with the myriad of options on their menu, you’d be pleased to receive a different meal every single time!

Ummu Fazwill SG’s packages includes a special daily brew of Red Dates tea for lunch, and a different brew for dinner, accompanied with lactation desserts which serve to stimulate milk production. Dishes that you can expect on their menu include Ginseng Chicken Soup, Cod Fish Papaya Milk Soup with Corn and Tomato and Sicilian Bake Salmon with Side Baby Spinach and Cranberries. Do contact Ummu Fazwill SG for more information on their confinement packages and prices at +65 9667 1011.

Photo Credits: Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering (Facebook)

#10 Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering

Focussing solely on the delivery of confinement food, Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering was established with view of dishing out confinement meals that best assist a new mother with her recovery from childbirth. They take an international approach towards conceptualising their confinement menu and hence, their menu includes both western and international recipes. Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering also deliberately incorporates essential ingredients such as ginger, dates, wine and protein into their confinement meals. Signature dishes to try include their Pork Trotter Vinegar and Sesame Oil Ginger Chicken. In total, they have 41 nourishing soups, 22 carbohydrate selections, 61 meat dishes and 43 vegetable items on their confinement meal menu.

For their 28-day package, their premium package costs S$2,388 (lunch and dinner, with Bird’s Nest Soup daily), double package costs S$1,688 and their single package, S$888. Each meal is served with 1 litre of their signature Red Dates Dang Shen Tea. A trial meal with Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering will cost you just S$38. Do note that there are early bird promotions applicable as long as the booking is made 1 month prior to your estimated delivery date. You may contact Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering directly for more information on their packages at +65 8448 1177 or at [email protected].

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