Guide to 25 Lactation Cookie Businesses in Singapore for Nursing Mothers

Aside from being tasty treats to snack on, lactation cookies are recognised for being able to increase a nursing mother’s milk production due to the milk-boosting ingredients that are packed into each cookie. For mothers who just don’t have the time to spare, here are 25 Lactation Cookie Businesses in Singapore for your lactation bakes!

That being said, please don’t just rely on lactation cookies to boost your milk supply as these treats are definitely not a one-stop solution. If you are facing difficulties with breastfeeding or your yield, do approach a lactation consultant for advice and/or assistance.

Photo Credits: BakingMama (Instagram)

#1 BakingMama (@bakingmama2017)

A home-based lactation cookie business, BakingMama was established following the founder’s personal struggle with milk production when nursing her first child. Cookies on BakingMama’s lactation menu include the Classic Chocolate Chip (S$18 for 250g), Matcha White Chocolate/Chocolate Chip/Cranberry (S$23 for 250g) and Double Chocolate (S$20 for 250g) and with almonds, (S$23 for 250g).

To support our local taxi drivers during this COVID-19 “Circuit Breaker” period, BakingMama is offering a flat rate islandwide courier at S$6 until 4 May 2020 for present and advance orders. Do note that this is only applicable for Fridays to Sundays and no minimum order is required. Orders above S$60 will receive free islandwide delivery. Do drop BakingMama a Direct Message on Instagram for more information!

Photo Credits: Cherabite

#2 Cherabite

Bringing to mommies Singapore’s first lactation bars and macarons, the founder of Cherabite hopes to bring joy to every mother’s breastfeeding journey with her unique and delicious lactation bakes which also increases breastmilk production.

Cherabite has plenty of lactation bakes up for grabs, and they also make great gifts to friends or family members who have just delivered. Do check out bakes such as their Organic Original Lactation Cookies (S$28 for 20 pieces), Organic Lactation Dark Chocolate Macarons (S$25 for 12 pieces), and their Lactation Trial Box (S$35) for a sampling of what Cherabite has to offer!

Contact Cherabite for more information at +65 9107 0239 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Chilli Padi Confinement

#3 Chilli Padi Confinement

Chilli Padi Confinement’s lactation cookies are only available for purchase with packages or trial meals. So if you are already considering purchasing a package with them, why not try their Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies (S$25 per bottle)? A bottle of cookies is approximately 300g and is baked in-house.

For more information, reach out to Chilli Padi Confinement at +65 6914 9900 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Cookie4milk

#4 Cookie4milk

Featuring ingredients which are known to increase milk production, such as Brewer’s Yeast, Oatmeal and Flaxseed in their bakes, Ivy (the founder of Cookie4milk) conceptualised Cookie4milk to help mothers increase their supply of breastmilk through yummy and healthy means, as opposed to supplements or pills.

Goodies available for purchase from Cookie4milk include their Cookie4milk Choco Crunchies (S$15.90 for 250g) and Cookie4milk Milkbooster Crunchies – Macadamia Chocolate (S$17.90 for 250g). Do contact Cookie4milk for more information at +65 6451 3024 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: CookieMixx (Facebook)

#5 CookieMixx

Danish butter, unbleached flour, Belgium cocoa power, organic chia seeds, dried fruits and nuts from the USA; these are the ingredients that you’d get to enjoy in your bakes from CookieMixx. Lactation cookies are part of CookieMixx’s latest creations, and flavours that you can expect include Raisin, Rolled Oats, Wheat Germ & Flax Seeds (S$9.90 per 100g), Chocolate Chip, Rolled Oats, Wheat Germ & Flax Seeds (S$9.90 per 100g) and more.

Do contact CookieMixx at +65 9078 8350 or at [email protected] for more information.

Photo Credits: Extra Nordic (Facebook)

#6 Extra Nordic

Established in 2018, Extra Nordic was founded by a Norwegian father and Singaporean mother to share more about the Nordic way of life, with view of enhancing general wellness and our standard of living. Extra Nordic offers premium lactation products which feature a blend of Nordic and Asian ingredients (and an extra rich 5-in-1 galactagogue blend) for nursing mothers.

Extra Nordic‘s bestsellers include their Original Gold lactation cookies (S$16.80 for 200g), the Dark Choc Chip lactation cookies (S$17.80 for 200g) and the Choc x Choc – Extra Series lactation cookies (S$19.80 for 200g). You can also enjoy free delivery if you spend S$60 and above. Do drop your enquiries to Extra Nordic via their online contact form.

Photo Credits: Four Trimesters (Facebook)

#7 Four Trimesters

Made and baked on demand, Four Trimesters Birth Sanctuary has 11 different flavours of lactation cookies up for grabs! Interesting flavours to watch out for include the Cranberry Coconut Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies, the Pretzel Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies and the Morning After Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies. All the aforementioned flavours will cost you S$16 per box (240g). For nursing mothers who want a healthier version of their lactation cookies (S$22 per box of 240g), do consider Sufen’s Vegan & Gluten Free Lactation Cookies or their Low GI Gluten Free Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Seed Lacatation Cookies!

Do contact Four Trimesters Birth Sanctuary directly at +65 9664 4565 or at [email protected] for more information.

Photo Credits: Gooberr (Facebook)

#8 Gooberr

Not just about serving lactation cookies for nursing mothers, Gooberr markets itself as a one-stop destination for cookies for the entire household and family to enjoy. Their cookies are eggless and fenugreek free, but yet packed with galactagogues which has great benefits for nursing mothers i.e. for nutrition and production of breastmilk. In addition, their cookies are free of preservatives and vanilla extract!

Flavours to try include the White Chocolate Strawberry (S$19.90 for 200g), Dark Chocolate Decaf (S$19.90 for 200g) and White Chocolate Earl Grey (S$19.90 for 200g). But if you prefer a flavour that you’re more used to, why not try Gooberr’s OG Chocolate Chip (S$19.90 for 200g)? Gooberr offers its customers free local delivery for orders above S$59 and they also ship worldwide!

Do contact Gooberr via their online contact form, on Instagram (@gooberrofficial) or at their official Facebook page for more information.

Photo Credits: Lacta by Hardies (Facebook)

#9 Lacta by Hardies

Discovering the wonders of lactation cookies whilst she was breastfeeding, Zara Hardie established LactabyHardies to share the benefits of lactation cookies with fellow mothers. Flavours available for purchase at LactabyHardies include the Lacta Nutella (S$32 for 30 pieces), Lacta Oreo (S$25 for 20 pieces) and Lacta The Basics: Chocolate Chips (S$27 for 30 pieces).

LactabyHardies is presently offering free delivery for orders above S$120 on the condition that the orders are from a singe customer. Do contact them directly at +65 8161 5751 or at [email protected] for more information!

Photo Credits: M3 Milk Making Mummy (Facebook)

#10 M3 Milk Making Mummy

For halal lactation cookies, turn to M3 Milk Making Mummy for your lactation bakes! Flavours on their menu include Basic Chocolate (S$18), Cranberries Choc Chips (S$20), Macadamia White Choc (S$25) and Ajwa Choc Chip (S$25).

M3 Milk Making Mummy is now back from their temporary hiatus and has reopened their orders for lactation cookies! Do note that limited slots are available. You can contact M3 Milk Making Mummy directly at +65 9180 0649.

Photo Credits: Mama Precious

#11 Mama Precious

After witnessing her daughter’s difficulties with milk production and the benefits of consuming lactation cookies thereafter, the mother-and-daughter team behind Mama Precious hope to share the goodness of lactation cookies with other nursing mothers. Their Super Trio Cookies are currently going for S$40 (U.P. S$45 for 500g), and Regular One Cookies, S$32 (U.P. S$32 for 500g).

Customers can enjoy free delivery with a minimum purchase of S$60. Do contact Mama Precious directly for more information about their bakes at +65 9009 3243 or at [email protected]

Photo Credits: Mama Lait

#12 Mama Lait

Helping nursing mothers to indulge in delicious baked treats minus the guilt that comes with sweet treats, Mama Lait presently has 2 flavours of lactation cookies up for grabs: their Choc with Almonds & Cacao Nibs (S$15 for 300g), Choc & Roll Lactation Cookies (S$30 for 370g).

Free delivery is applicable for orders above S$150. Contact Mama Lait directly via Direct Message on their official Facebook page or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Mamas Fuel (Facebook)

#13 Mamas Fuel

Crafted with care and sincerity, Mamas Fuel incorporates naturally sourced lactogenic ingredients into their bakes. All ingredients used are organic and their quality, assured. Mamas Fuel has 6 flavours on their menu, namely Chocolate Chips (S$28.90; U.P. S$32), Coconut ($28.90; U.P. S$32), Double Chocolate (S$28.90; U.P. S$32), Orange Almond (S$28.90; U.P. S$32), White Chocolate Chips (S$28.90; U.P. S$32) and Sesame (S$28.90; U.P. S$32).

Mamas Fuel can be contacted at +65 8688 4649 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Marian’s Lactation Boost (Instagram)

#14 Marian’s Lactation Boost

One of the more well-known lactation cookie brands in Singapore, Marian’s Lactation Boost has been helping nursing mothers cope with their breastmilk production for more than 3 years. Going the extra mile, Marian speaks to nursing mothers about the challenges that they face with milk production so that the products they purchase target their needs. She even goes to the extent of customising their packages at no extra cost.

Enjoy Marian’s Lactation Boosts’s Lactation Cookies (S$58 for 28 pieces) in 11 different flavours e.g. Australian Milo Chocolate Chips, Reese’s Peanut Butter Chips, Chocolate Chunks with Walnut and Cranberry with Pistachio. Contact Marian’s Lactation Boost for more information / with your enquiries at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Milking Cow SG (Facebook)

#15 Milking Cow

Milking Cow has 7 different flavours of lactation cookies for nursing mothers to enjoy. From Nutella Lactation Cookies (S$25; U.P. S$32.90 for 500g), Matcha White Chocolate and Pistachio Lactation Cookies (S$25; U.P. S$32.90 for 500g) to even Longan Red Dates Lactation Cookies (S$25; U.P. S$32.90 for 500g), you’d be in for a treat!

Enjoy free delivery with a purchase above S$80. A delivery fee of S$10 will be charged for purchases below S$80. First-time purchasers can also enjoy 5% off your orders with the discount code “FIRSTPURCHASE”. Contact Milking Cow at +65 8752 5095 or at [email protected] for more information.

We recently submitted an order with Milking Cow as a gift for a friend. Unfortunately, we felt that the customer service from Milking Cow was not the best and messages sent to us were also at inappropriate timings of the night i.e. 11:25pm. When we provided them with friendly feedback about clearer communication on both their customer service platform and on their site, this was ignored (blue-ticked by their staff, W*). Though the bakes look good, we will be unlikely to purchase from Milking Cow in the future.

Photo Credits: Nurture Eats (Facebook)

#16 Nurture Eats

Seeking to provide nursing mothers with a healthier option for lactation bakes, Nurture Eats offers vegan, dairy-free and egg-free lactation treats for their customers. To increase milk production, Nurture Eats utilises organic wholemeal flaxseed meal, organic golden flaxseed, 100% cocoa powder and organic rolled oats in their bakes. They are also happy to customise their lactation loaves for customers with dietary requirements.

Unfortunately, Nurture Eats only has 1 type of lactation cookie available for purchase at the moment i.e. the Organic Oats & Dark Chocolate Lactation Cookies (Small) (S$30 for 16 palm-sized cookies). Home delivery by courier will cost you S$13 and delivery will only be on weekdays. If you’re paying for your purchase with PayNow, do enter the promo code “PAYNOW” for a 10% discount! You may contact Nurture Eats directly via their online contact form or at +65 8200 3209.

Photo Credits: Nuttier (Facebook)

#17 Nuttier

Nuttier aims to set their brand apart from other lactation cookie establishments on the market by baking cookies that are “all-natural” i.e. free from chemicals, refined oils or flavour additives. Their cookies are also flour-free and feature signature ingredients such as All-Natural Dry-Roasted Almond Butter, Wild Bush Honey & Organic French Vanilla. Flavours to look out for include the Organic Early Grey-Lavender Almond Butter Cookies (S$18.90), Organic Matcha Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Cookies (S$18.90; U.P. S$20.90) and their seasonal Organic Mocha-Coconut Almond Butter Oat Cookies (S$17.90; U.P. S$15.90).

Enjoy free delivery for orders above S$30. Contact Nuttier via their online form or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Oh Milky Mama (Instagram)

#18 Oh Milky Mama

A Muslim-owned bakery, Oh Milky Mama considers themselves a one-stop bakery for lactation treats in Singapore. Cookie flavours include the Classic Choc Chip, Almond Choc Chip, Walnut Choc chip, Corn O Flakes, Choc O Flakes, Pecans Choc Chip, Cranberries Oatmeal, Oreo O Flakes, Double Dark Choc Chip, Double Dark Walnut Choc Chip, Double Dark Almond Choc Chip, and Berry O Flakes. A pack of cookies (250g) costs S$19.90, a bundle of 3, S$55, and a bundle of 5, S$85.

Oh Milky Mama also has a monthly subscription (S$150 per month for a minimum of three months), so why not check that out? Oh Milky Mama offers free delivery for purchases above S$50. A delivery fee of S$10 is applicable for orders below S$50. Do drop Oh Milky Mama a direct message on Instagram for any enquiries. or orders.

Photo Credit: Pregger Cookies (Facebook)

#19 Pregger Cookies

Handmade with love, lactation cookies that you can order from Pregger Cookies include their Earl Grey Lactation Cookies (S$22), the Chocolate Indulgence (S$22) and Chocolate Chips Oatmeal Lactation Cookies (S$18). Free delivery is available for customers who order 3 boxes of lactation cookies or more. And if you’d like to gift lactation cookies to a nursing mother, consider purchasing their Gift Hamper (Choc Chip Oatmeal) (S$75) which comprises 1 bouquet/box of flowers and 2 boxes of Choc Chip Oatmeal lactation cookies. Delivery is complimentary for the gift hamper.

Contact PreggerCookies directly for more information at +65 9780 6202 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Shan’s Lactation Cookies (Facebook)

#20 Shan’s Lactation Cookies

A home-grown lactation cookie brand which focusses on organic lactation bakes, Shan’s Lactation Cookies is all about making nursing mothers happy with their freshly baked products. Their cookies and bakes are also baked with organic ingredients, whilst being fenugreek and preservatives-free. Exciting flavours to try include the Lavender Earl Grey White Chocolates (S$35; U.P. S$46.70 for 430g), Little Black Sesame (S$35; U.P. S$46.70 for 430g), and the Good-old Cranberries (S$35; U.P. S$46.70 for 430g).

Shan’s Lactation Cookies offers free delivery for all orders over S$70. For orders below S$70, a delivery fee of S$10 will be applicable. And for delivery within the CBD area, Tuas, Sentosa Cove and hospitals, a surcharge of S$6 will be applicable on top of your delivery fee. Contact Shan’s Lactation Cookies directly at +65 9455 3404 or at [email protected] for more information.

Photo Credits: Singapore Lactation Bakes (Facebook)

#21 Singapore Lactation Bakes

Founded by Joanna Goy, a proud mother of 2 girls, Singapore Lactation Bakes was established after Joanna herself struggled with a low yield followed by a decrease in her milk supply after the birth of her first child. Experiencing the benefits of lactation cookies firsthand, Singapore Lactation Bakes desires to help nursing mothers persevere with their breastfeeding journeys by boosting their milk supply with their lactation bakes.

You’d have to order a minimum of 600g of cookies, but on the plus side, you get to mix and match your flavours. Flavours up for grabs include the Chocolate Chips (S$7.70 for 100g), Dark Chocolate Chips (S$7.70 for 100g), Cranberries (S$7.70 for 100g), Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut (S$8.70 for 100g), Butterscotch (S$7.70 for 100g), White Chocolate Macada Nut (S$8.70 for 100g) and Cranberries Macadamia Nut (S$8.70 for 100g). Do contact Singapore Lactation Bakes directly at +65 9858 5874 or at [email protected] for more information.

Photo Credits: The Fussy Pâtissières

#23 The Fussy Pâtissières

Understanding a nursing mother’s struggles with milk supply, The Fussy Pâtissières has put together a series of lactation cookies which contains 5 different milk boosting ingredients. These ingredients are organic virgin coconut oil, organic whole grain rolled oats, organic chia seed, flaxseed and Brewer’s yeast.

Flavours to try include the Double Chocolate Lactation Cookies (S$25 for 300g), Earl Grey Chocolate Lactation Cookies (S$25 for 300g), Matcha Sesame Lactation Cookies (S$25 for 300g). and more! For a sampling of what they have to offer, The Fussy Pâtissières has a Sample Size Lactation Cookies (S$9 for 100g) for grabs. Free delivery is available for orders above S$60. Do contact The Fussy Pâtissières for more information at +65 9191 1909 or at [email protected] for more information.

Photo Credits: Wonderfull Milk (Facebook)

#24 Wonderfull Milk

Wonderfull Milk delights in being a part of a nursing mother’s breastfeeding journey, in their provision of healthy and delicious lactation bakes. Making it a point to keep to organic ingredients and the use of minimal sugar, Wonderfull Milk also uses premium French butter and Belgian chocolate which makes their chocolate lactation bakes just so addictive!

At Wonderfull Milk, you’ll get to enjoy 7 different flavours of lactation cookies. Flavours that stand out include their Peanut Butter Lactation Cookies (S$28 for 350g), White Chocolate Cranberry Lactation Cookies (S$26 for 300g) and Australian Milo Lactation Cookies (S$28 for 350g). Wonderfull Milk offers their customers free shipping for orders above S$60. Do contact them for more information at +65 9750 0459 (WhatsApp only) or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Yummies4mummies

#25 Yummies4mummies

An avid baker, Mummy M began Yummies4mummies after the birth of her second son in 2016. Through Yummies4mummies, mummy M hopes to encourage nursing mothers in their breastfeeding journey with her lactation bakes and shared experiences. Mummy M is also a certified lactation counsellor and is willing to share her nuggets of wisdom with all mothers who need help.

Lactation cookies on the menu include Mummy’s Cookies (S$20), Chocolate Gao (S$20) and their latest flavour, Tea-rrific Earl Grey Cookies (S$20). If you want to spice things up a little, why not try their Mix & Match with Original Cookie Base (S$22; do note that this is presently out of stock) or their Mix & Match with Chocolate Cookie Base (S$22). Enjoy free delivery with your purchase of S$60 and above (excluding overnight oats). Get in touch with Yummies4mummies at +65 8705 6039 or at [email protected].

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