#SupportLocal: We’ve launched our very own breastmilk storage bag!

We’ve worked so hard on this project of love and are proud to introduce everyone to Little Child of Mine’s very own breastmilk storage bag. After pumping for 14 months and trying out many different brands of breastmilk storage bags, Marc decided to create his very own ideal breastmilk storage bag which incorporates various design elements that we found helpful during our breastfeeding journey. The design of the breastmilk bag and the box was created from scratch, and we worked with various suppliers to ensure that the breastmilk bags are reliable and are of excellent quality.

We know that we’re not a familiar face in this market but hope that you’ll take that leap of faith, and give our products a try. Curious about what has gone into the production process? We explain the reasoning behind the inclusion of various elements into the box and the breastmilk bag for your consideration.


We chose to work with a reputable supplier who works with various well-known breastmilk bag brands in the market. Our breastmilk bags are produced in their ISO 9001, FDAS, BRC and HACCP-certified production factory and are made from food-grade BPA-free polyethylene.


When we were pumping, we found it very useful to have a “fill-in-the-blanks” section at the top of the breastmilk bag as opposed to the middle or at a random area of the breastmilk bag. If the writing section was featured at any part other than the top of the bag and you forgot to complete the section prior to filling up the bag, it’s quite difficult to write on that part of the surface due to the shape of the bag and the possibility that the bag may have condensation on its surface. As such, we ensured that the writing section was at the top of the bag so that it is convenient for filling in whenever you wish to do so – whether it’s before filling up the breastmilk bag or after.

There are also a couple of breastmilk bags that includes a “time” section. But really, we felt that this may not be necessary for every single parent and kept it general. Also, the volume measurement is kept open; whether you wish to log your milk in oz or in ml, it is entirely up to you.


We included a double ziplock on this bag to ensure that your precious liquid gold does not flow out whilst you are freezing your milk. We’ve also put the bag to the test. Even if you fill up the bag beyond its maximum volume of 200ml and even if you freeze, defrost and freeze it again, the bag keeps your milk safe and sound. You have nothing to worry about.


Easy to read guidelines with helpful symbols are included in neat boxes on the breastmilk bag. We’ve picked out the guidelines that we found important to us during our breastfeeding journey, and guidelines that would help others (who help us with preparing breastmilk) handle our breastmilk properly. We also opted for a 200ml storage capacity for the bags as when frozen, the bags are of just the right size; neither too bulky nor too flat. Easy bulk storage was a consideration in mind. Also, we designed our bags to ensure that they are compatible with most warmers and cooler bags for added convenience.

The bag also features a shaded water droplet in the background which blends into the bag once filled. We wanted to incorporate this design element into the bag to symbolize the preciousness of our liquid gold, and how it is one of the sources of nutrition for our little ones. To the best of our knowledge, we don’t believe that there is any other breastmilk bag in the market which also has this feature.


We also worked exceptionally hard on the design features of the box. The idea was to create a box which was simple, clean and aesthetically pleasing. The key elements of our breastmilk bag are summarized on the box, and there is also a starter guide at the side of the box which walks parents through how to use our breastmilk bags. You’re in good hands.


We have kept our pricing competitive and each box (S$15.90) comes with 50 pieces of 200ml breastmilk bags. This averages out to about S$0.318 per breastmilk bag, and for 1st time purchasers who apply our 10% discount code, S$0.286 per breastmilk bag. For comparison, Lansinoh bags are being sold at Fairprice at S$19.90 for a box of 50, Philips Avent bags are being sold on Pupsik for S$16.50-S$16.90 for a box of 50, LoveAmme bags at Mothercare at S$2 for 5 pieces (S$0.40 per piece) and Medela bags on Mothercare, S$25.90 for a box of 25.

For 1st time subscribers, remember to redeem your 10% discount code at the bottom of our home page. Apply the discount code to your cart during checkout to enjoy 10% off your purchase. We hope that you’ll enjoy this launch of breastmilk bags and hope to bring better products to you in the future.

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