44 Photographers in Singapore for your Newborn Shoot

A picture is worth a thousand words. And even more so when it comes to capturing the first few moments of your little one days after his/her birth. Whether you’re a first time parent or not, you’ll often hear others commenting that babies grow up incredibly fast and as such, you should really seize the moment to immortalise your little one’s first few days in this world.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide of 44 Photographers in Singapore for your Newborn Shoot just for you (and at the same time, for us to consider our options!) Although things do seem a little uncertain for the next few months, there’s no reason why we should stop making plans for the future. If there are any other newborn photographers that we have omitted from this list, feel free to leave us a comment so that we can add them into this guide. Otherwise, do also share with us which photographer you’ve decided to engage and your reason for selecting them!

Photo Credits: 123 Photography (Facebook)

#1 123 Photography

123 Photography has more than a decade of experience in capturing moments and stories. Offering newborn photography services, 123 Photography recommends that photoshoots be done when your infant is less than 10 days old and in the comfort of your own home. Even if your infant has jaundice, 123 Photography still can proceed with the shoot and will do the necessary colour correction thereafter.

Contact Darren at +65 9660 9964 or at [email protected] for their rates and availability.

Photo Credits: ABC Photography (Facebook)

#2 ABC Photography

Established in 2006, ABC Photography is a well-known photography studio which provides photography services for graduation, babies, kids, families, weddings and more. ABC Photography’s Newborn Package is presently S$458 (U.P. S$538). This package comes with a 120-minute photography session, 15 soft copy photographs, 1 5R poster print with frame and a 4″ x 6″ 10-page custom album. They’re also comfortable with parents taking part in the newborn photoshoot and will even provide the outfits for your baby! Do note that a surcharge of S$100 will be applicable if you wish for ABC Photography to shoot at your home.

Contact ABC Photography at +65 6258 8186 or at [email protected] for more information and to enquire on their availability for your newborn shoot.

Photo Credits: Ashley Low Photography (Website)

#3 Ashley Low Photography

Taking pride in producing photographs for newborns that parents can look back on fondly in the years to come, Ashley Low Photography offers newborn photography services, quality of which they guarantee. And if your newborn isn’t up for a shoot on the day scheduled / the shots aren’t up to Ashley’s standards, he will reschedule the shoot. at no additional cost for you.

For each individual session booking, Ashley Low Photography charges in 2 parts i.e. (i) the Session fee; and (ii) the collections (9 options). Session-wise, 3 setups (up to 2 hours) will cost S$300 and 5 setups (3 hours), S$450. Do refer to Ashley’s rate card for the “collections” as whether you want soft copies or hard copies will affect the collection rates applicable. Do contact Ashley at +65 6443 3953 / +65 9640 3774 or at [email protected] for more information and to enquire on his availability.

Photo Credit: BabyU Photo Studio (Website)

#4 BabyU Photo Studio

Singapore’s 1st Korean-concept photo studio, BabyU Photo Studio strives to create beautiful photographs that captures precious memories, from the perspective of a mother’s heart. BabyU Photo Studio’s prices differs according to the final product that you want to purchase (i.e. frame/album). For their Standard frame packages, this will cost between S$199 to S$350 (1 concept vs. 2 concept) and for a Standard album package, S$990 to S$1,290.

Do contact BabyU Photo Studio for more information at +65 6405 5093 / +65 9147 4840 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Babygraphy (Website)

#5 Babygraphy

Understanding the value of moments with the family, Babygraphy is here to capture each and every precious moment between you and your baby, that you can look back on in the future. An A-La Carte session with Babygraphy will cost you S$380 (up to 120 minutes per session) and you’d get back 20 fully edited pictures and all unedited pictures in a thumb drive. You will be able to have the photoshoot in your home, in the studio or even outdoors; whatever works well for your infant. Babygraphy also provides clothes for your infant to wear during the shoot, although they do recommend that you use some of your infant’s own clothes as well.

Do contact Babygraphy for more information and for their availability at +65 8444 8993 or at [email protected]

Photo Credits: Bambini Photography (Website)

#5 Bambini Photography

Specialising in portraits, Bambini Photography focusses on keeping the shots simple, so as to ensure that the photographs captured are centred on your infant’s expressions, curiosity, details and connections. Bambini Photography is known for being patient and professional, their expert guidance and for listening to their clients’ needs.

Do contact Bambini Photography for more information on their newborn photography rates and for their availability at +65 8717 1558 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Bambooshoots Photography (Website)

#6 Bambooshoots Photography

To ensure the quality of their work, Bambooshoots Photography only takes in 3 to 5 clients per month. Their photos are captured with natural light and on a large aperture setting. For a portrait session, this will cost you either S$2,000 (for shots captured on a digital camera) and S$2,300 for the #cicifilmphoto (shot on film) experience. Every portrait session will last 2 hours, with families being able to tap on Bambooshoots Photography’s styling and wardrobe collection. You’d be able to take home 30 high-resolution images and a personalised mobile application.

Do note that a session scheduled during the weekend will cost you an additional S$150. Do contact Bambooshoots Photography for more information and their availability at +65 9296 9205.

Photo Credits: Bespoke Photography (Website)

#7 Bespoke Photography

All about capturing stories and translating the same into pictures, Bespoke Photography is dedicated to creating photographs that make a difference for their clients. Bespoke Photography’s Newborn Basic Package is priced at S$388 (U.P. S$588). This will entitle you to up to 1.5 hours of shoot, 2 themes and a family shoot, 2 fully edited digital photos and 2 fully edited 5R prints. For their Newborn Premium Package (U.P. S$788), this is presently going at S$588. You’d be entitled to up to 3 hours of shoot, unlimited themes and a family shoot, 5 fully edited digital photos and 5 fully edited 5R prints. Props will be provided for both packages and Bespoke Photography’s turnaround time is 4 weeks.

Contact Bespoke Photography for more information and their availability at +65 8338 1249 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Chicchug Creations (Website)

#8 Chicchug Creations

Helmed by a husband and wife team who specialises in newborn photography, cake smash photography amongst others, ChicChug Creations offers 2 different newborn photography packages, one for a single baby (from S$400) and one for twins (S$500). They provide a 30-minute complimentary family photoshoot segment for both packages and no surcharge is applicable for weekend shoots. In addition, they will provide everything necessary for the shoot and have even included complimentary gifts in their package!

Do contact Chicchug Creations for more information and for their availability at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Chocolate Photography (Facebook)

#9 Chocolate Photography

If you have signed up with a confinement nanny package with Confinement Angels, one of the complimentary perks that you’d have is a newborn shoot with Chocolate Photography.

Chocolate Photography offers 3 different newborn photography packages: Gold (S$888 for 2 hours; U.P. S$988), Silver (S$688 for 90 minutes; U.P. S$788) and Bronze (S$588 for 90 minutes; UP. S$688). A photoshoot at your home will cost you an additional S$100. Do contact Chocolate Photography at +65 9367 0737 or at [email protected] for more information and for their availability.

Photo Credits: Confetti Peektures Photography (Instagram)

#10 Confetti Peektures Photography

Although Confetti Peektures Photography first began as a pre-wedding photography studio, they have expanded over the past few years to include family, maternity and children photography in their repertoire. Angie and her husband, JH, are strong believers of capturing moments that are unexpected and for their work to reflect the love and precious memories of each client’s story.

For their styled newborn shoot, Confetti Peektures Photography has a selection of newborn props and wraps for your little one. They are also comfortable to photograph your infant in the comforts of your home, subject to space requirements. Do contact Confetti Peektures Photography for their rates and availability at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Dphotofolio (Website)

#11 Dphotofolio

With approximately 10 years of experience shooting photographs for families and children, Dphotofolio know what needs to be done to create beautifully-posed photographs. Their Newborn Photography package is only available for sessions fixed on weekdays, and this will cost you either S$600 or S$800. Both sessions will take a minimum of 3 hours, the difference being that the S$800 package is for shoots performed in the comfort of your own home whereas the shoot for the S$600 package takes place at their studio.

Do contact Dphotofolio for more information and/or their availability at +65 6225 5508 / +65 9745 0175 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: D J Parker Vision Photography (Website)

#12 D J Parker Vision Photography

Daniel Parker (aka D J Parker Vision Photography) is a freelance photographer based in Singapore who specialises in newborn, maternity and family shoots. He enjoys being a part of capturing beautiful memories and takes pride in photographs that bring joy to people. Daniel charges S$950 for his newborn shoots, which will take place in his home studio. All props, blankets and outfits are provided. For home visit shoots, this will come at an additional fee of S$100.

Do contact Daniel for more information and/or his availability at +65 9179 9439 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Edmund Choo Photography (Website)

#13 Edmund Choo Photography

Specialising in newborn photography, Edmund Choo Photography offers three different packages for newborn shoots: Standard (S$388 for 1-2 hours), Deluxe (S$488 for 1-2 hours) and Premium (S$688 for 2-3 hours). Unless you top up S$200 for home service, all shoots will take place at the studio, with all props and outfits provided. If you’re looking to shoot during the weekends, a surcharge of S$50 will apply (subject to availability).

Do contact Edmund Choo Photography for more information and/or his availability at +65 8121 5881 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Episode Photography (Website)

#14 Episode Photography

With your baby’s comfort being their paramount consideration, Episode Photography offers newborn photography services which will capture the “first look” of your baby. For a home photography session, this will cost S$250. Do note that newborn shoots with Episode Photography can take up to 5 hours. Thereafter, pick your package after you have viewed the images from Episode Photography (S$500 to S$1,388).

Do contact Episode Photography for more information and/or their availability via the online form on their website.

Photo Credits: Fion Boon Photography (Facebook)

#15 Fion Boon Photography

Mentored by one of Melbourne’s top newborn photographers, Lorna Kirkby, Fion Boon Photography specialises in newborn photoshoots for babies around 6 to 14 days of age. Fion Boon Photography only uses natural light, adopts neutral coloured props and materials into their setups, so that their photographs come out simple yet organic.

Do contact Fion Boon Photography for more information on their rates and/or their availability at +65 9121 8879 or [email protected].

Photo Credits: Jana Yar Photography (Facebook)

#16 Jana Yar Photography

A Slovakian photographer who moved to Singapore just to pursue photography as a career, Jana Yar’s works have received international acclaim in both Asia and Europe. Jana likes working with natural light and as a mom, she fully understands a parent’s desire to capture the fleeting first moments of their newborn. Jana Yar Photography offers three different packages – Family Basic (S$400 for an indoor/outdoor session), Family Plus (S$700 for a session indoors and another at any other location) or Family Grow (S$1,000 for three sessions in one year). Do contact Jana Yar Photography for more information on their rates and/or their availability at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Jen Pan Photography (Facebook)

#17 Jen Pan Photography

Established in 2014 by a husband and wife team, Jen Pan Photography prides itself on being Singapore’s top boutique children photo studio who cares, delivers, and “are good”. Jen Pan Photography has worked with at least 750 babies, have garnered more than 100 5-star client reviews and have 11 years of photography experience. Do contact Jen Pan Photography for more information on their packages and their availability at +65 9698 8731 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: John Lim Photography (Website)

#18 John Lim Photography

John Lim Photography was started in 2003. Over the years, he has travelled to 50 countries and over 500 towns, cities and counting. Due to his keen eye, genuine nature and talent in photography, John was awarded the First prize by Wedding & portrait Photographers International (WPPI USA) for his bridal portraiture, amongst other international recognitions. John also offers portraits for newborns and families. Do contact him at +65 9821 6091 / +65 6223 7003 or at [email protected] for more information on his rates and/or his availability.

Photo Credits: JJ Photography (Facebook)

#19 JJ Photography

Specialising in artistic family, maternity and newborn photography, JJ Photography presently has 2 types of newborn photography packages – the Standard (S$650 for 90 minutes) and the Deluxe (S$1,250 for 180 minutes). For both packages, you’d be given all your shots in hi-resolution format. Do contact JJ Photography for more information on their packages and/or their availability at +65 9789 2588.

Photo Credits: Koji Photography (Facebook)

#20 Koji Photography

Koji Photography provides photography for maternity, newborns, babies, children and their families. They are one of the pioneers of newborn photography in Singapore and pride themselves on delivering both during the photoshoot session and in the photographs taken for parents with newborn babies. Do contact Koji Photography for more information on their packages and/or on their availability at +65 9183 8366 / +65 9117 0555 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Littleones Photography (Facebook)

#21 Littleones Photography

Littleones Photography is led by Kate, an award-winning photographer who boasts qualifications from the Master Photographer Association, the British Institute of Professional Photographers and the Royal Photographic Society. For the past three years, Kate has been named as the Best Portrait Photographer by Singapore Tatler and Expat Living Magazine. Kate specialises in baby, children and family photography whether in her clients’ homes, on location or in her studio.

Do get in touch with Littleones Photography at +65 6440 7568 or at [email protected] for more information on their packages and/or their availability.

Photo Credits: Little Panny Photography (Facebook)

#22 Little Panny Photography

A subsidiary of Jen Pan Photography, Little Panny Photography is a boutique studio which offers newborn, maternity and family photoshoots. Do contact Little Panny Photography for more information on their packages and/or their availability at +65 6242 1984 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Lucent Moments Photography (Facebook) / Meadow Lullabies Photography

#23 Meadow Lullabies Photography

Meadow Lullabies Photography focuses on newborn/maternity photography and lifestyle family photography. Being nature lovers, Meadow Lullabies Photography incorporates rustic tones into their photography props and fabrics, predominantly handpicked from Europe. Their session rates start from S$520 Do contact James from Meadow Lullabies Photography at + 65 9191 8015 or at [email protected] for more information on their packages and/or their availability.

Photo Credits: LunarWorks Studio (Facebook)

#24 LunarWorks Studio

A multi-themed photography studio, LunarWorks Studio is well-equipped to meet your needs with their selection of unique backdrops and furniture. Newborn photography sessions are usually at their studio and close family members are also encouraged to join the photoshoot. Do contact LunarWorks Studio for more information on their newborn photoshoot packages and/or their availability at +65 8332 6388 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: MamaMiyo Photography (Facebook)

#25 Mamamiyo Photography

Mamamiyo Photography has two different newborn packages available for selection – S$498 (up to 2 hours of shoot) or S$698 (up to 3 hours of shoot). For a shoot in your house, this will come at a top up of S$200, and for a weekend shoot, a top up of S50. They also presently have a maternity and newborn bundle package (S$1,128) where you’d enjoy a 1.5 hour maternity session and 3 hours newborn photoshoot. Do contact Mamiyo Photography for more information on their packages and/or enquire on their availability at +65 9760 0798 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Mermozine Photography (Facebook)

#26 Mermozine Photography

Memorzine Photography is equipped to photograph all life-changing events, from maternity photoshoots, to your newborn and baby portraits, family portraits and small events such as birthday parties and baby showers. Do contact Mermozine Photography for more information on their packages and/or enquire on their availability at +65 8654 5576 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Momo Studio (Facebook)

#27 Momo Studio

Started by Tay Yong En, Momo Studio has shot more than 400 newborns to date and the studio is actually named after her own doggy, Momo! Yong En started shooting photographs since 2007 and in 2014, she was awarded the Distinction of Licientiateship in the category of Portrait by the Master Photographers Association.

Do contact Momo Studio for more information on their packages and/or their availability at +65 9222 0684 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: My Precious Diary (Facebook)

#28 My Precious Diary Photography

A father of two beautiful children, Derek (the founder of My Precious Diary Photography) has shot newborn photography since 4 to 5 years ago. My Precious Diary also won awards in the PPAC International Photo Awards in 2017 and 2018, and also received a gold award from the Singapore Photographers Award in 2019. And if you book your newborn photoshoot with My Precious Diary 3 months before your EDD, you’d be entitled to an additional 10% off their packages or additional selection of photographs (terms and conditions apply).

Do contact My Precious Diary for more information on their packages and/or their availability at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Orange Studios (Facebook)

#29 Orange Studios

Helmed by a husband-and-wife team, Ryan and Wini, Orange Studios was established in 2013 with a focus in photographing the joy, love, laughter and tears of families in their portraits. Orange Studios is all about documenting precious family moments which will not only be heirlooms in the time to come, but also serve as apt reminders of the importance of family ties and connections.

Do contact Orange Studios for more information at +65 8606 6950 or at [email protected] for more information on their packages and/or their availability.

Photo Credits: P.S. I Love You Photography (Website)

#30 P.S. I Love You Photography

Patricia from P.S. I Love You Photography has had 6 years of experience working with newborns. Their newborn photoshoots take approximately 3 hours, as they have catered in sufficient time for feeding, diapering, cuddling during the shoot. You can choose to have the newborn shoot in their studio or in the comfort of your own home.

Do contact P.S. I Love You Photography for more information on their packages and/or their availability at +65 9380 4576.

Photo Credits: Picspiration Photography (Facebook)

#31 Picspiration Photography

Desiring to create memorable portraits of your newborns, children and family, Alexandria from Picspirations Photography offers Creative Newborn Portraiture (S$290 for a session) for parents looking to capture the first few moments of their little one. She recommends that these shoots be booked as early as after your 20 week scan, and for these shoots to take place within the first 21 days following birth.

Do contact Picspiration Photography for more information on their packages and/or their availability via their online form.

Photo Credits: Picture with Love (Facebook)

#32 Picture with Love

Initially established as a newborn photography service, Picture with Love now offers photography services for maternity and family shoots as well. They boast a wide collection of props and outfits at their studio, which have been sourced from the United States and Europe. Picture with Love has shot more than 300 newborn babies since 2014, and have received widespread recognition for their work, including but not limited to 6 awards in the field of Newborn Photography & Maternity Photography in 2018 and 2019.

Picture with Love has three newborn photoshoot packages: the Lovely Thoughts package (starting from S$520 for just baby portraits), Treasured Moments (starting from S$820 for a family shoot with the baby) and Everlasting Bliss package (from S$1,220) which includes more edited images and products. Do contact Picture with Love for more information on their packages and/or their availability at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Photo Rikiki (Website)

#33 Photo Rikiki

Started by Shiwen, a mother with a 4-year-old daughter, Photo Rikiki is dedicated to documenting the precious moments of your children and your family so that you can look back on and relive these memories in the future. Shiwen offers newborn photography sessions either at your home, another location of your choice or in her home studio which will be set out as a simple and cosy bedroom.

Photo Rikiki’s rates range between S$500 to S$1,300 depending on the number of photographs that you’re looking for as keepsakes. However, Photo RIkiki’s most popular package is Love and Light (S$800) which comprises 30 high resolution digital files (edited) and a 6″ x 4″ linen print box with all photos printed on premium matte archival paper, delivered to your doorstep. Do contact Photo Rikiki for more information and/or their availability at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Hayley Durack (Website)

#34 Polkadot Photography

If you’re looking for a photographer who’s great with kids and has the patience to deal with their moods, Hayley Durack from Polkadot Photography is the photographer who will meet your needs. Do contact Hayley directly for more information on her rates and her availability at +65 8740 7457 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Red Bus Photography (Facebook)

#35 Red Bus Photography

Behind the lens of Red Bus Photography is Kerry, a mother of 2 young boys who values safeguarding memories of her children by documenting this through photographs or videos. A simple session wit Kerry will cost you S$995, an adventures session, S$1,395 and a life in motion session, S$1,500. Do contact Red Bus Photography for more information on her rates and/or her availability at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Sage Clover Photography (Website)

#36 Sage Clover Photography

A boutique studio set up in 2008 focussing exclusively on newborns, children, maternity and family photoshoots, Sage Clover Photography incorporates natural lighting in all of their sessions whether at a particular location or in the studio. Their Newborn Nest Sessions are for newborns below the age of 14 days, and this will be a 4-hour session in their Bukit Timah studio. All outfits and sets for your newborn will be provided, and this shoot will only take place on weekdays.

Do contact Sage Clover Photography for more information on their rates and/or their availability at +65 8780 2753 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: StudioPlay

#37 StudioPlay

All about shots that are simple and classic, StudioPlay was awarded the best photography studio by MediaCorp’s Mother & Baby magazine. Aside from having standard backdrops, StudioPlay customises their props and backdrops so that parents will be able to find a suitable one for their infant’s / child’s photoshoot. StudioPlay’s Studio Session for newborn photography will cost you S$250 (for a 2-hour session) and S$400 for a 2-hour outdoor session.

Do contact StudioPlay for more information and/or their availability at +65 9456 6877 / +65 6842 6682 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Sugarlight Photography (Website)

#38 Sugarlight Photography

Anchored by Gunilla, a Swedish photographer, Sugarlight Photography focusses on family, maternity, newborn and heatshot photography services. Their style is bright, airy and laid back, and they focus on capturing the genuine moments and connections between the subjects of the photograph. Their weekday session fee will cost S$295, and weekend session fee, S$395. You’d have to pay an additional fee for any prints, canvases or frames. You can contact Sugarlight Photography for more information and/or her availability via the online form on their website.

#39 The Digital Moments

Led by award-winning photographer Ken, who has been in the photography industry since 2006, The Digital Moments is a one-stop solution for corporate, events and even newborn photography. Their baby photography rates for 2019 are S$220 for an hour, S$340 for 2 hours and S$440 for 3 hours. As their rates vary according to the genre shot and the number of photos required, do contact The Digital Moments directly at +65 9456 3304 or at [email protected] for more information and for their rates.

Photo Credits: The Pixel Flair

#40 The Pixel Flair

The Pixel Flair offers three different newborn photography packages: the Petite Package (from S$270; for newborns less than 14 days old), the Petite Plus Package (from S$330; for newborns up to 21 days old) and the Classic Package (from S$470; for newborns and parents). All packages will take place from the comfort of your home, with the backdrop and setup for the shoot provided by The Pixel Flair. Wraps and accessories will also be provided so parents won’t have to worry about that.

Contact The Pixel Flair for more information and/or their availability at +65 9197 8669.

Photo Credits: The Studio Loft (Website)

#41 The Studio Loft

An all-woman team, The Studio Loft was established with the purpose of giving expecting mothers and newborns a space where they can feel safe, nurtured and beautiful. They have more than 13 years of experience in the business and pride themselves on being able to deliver shots that are natural and tasteful.

The Studio Loft’s Teeny Weeny Newborn Photography package will cost you S$400. This shoot is for your newborn who is under 2 weeks old, and will last approximately 3 hours. Parents and siblings can also participate in the shoot, which is only available on weekday mornings. If you prefer for the shoot to take place at home, this will come at an additional cost of S$200. Prints, frames, canvas and more will come at an additional cost. Do contact The Studio Loft for more information and their availability at +65 6235 3696 / +65 8810 9460 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Tomato Photo (Website)

#42 Tomato Photo

The proud recipient of multiple awards for family portraits, Tomato Photo is a photography studio that believes in capturing moments that busy parents can appreciate in the years to come. Their photography services also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee i.e. if you are not pleased with the results, they are happy to refund you your payment with no questions asked. Also, they offer a no-crying guarantee e.g. if your infant cries for more than 2 minutes during the shoot, the session is on them! Their session fees start from S$450.

Do contact Tomato Photo for more information and for their availability at +65 8858 0088 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: White Room Studio (Website)

#43 White Room Studio

Sensitive to each parents’ requirements, White Room Studio is an award-winning photography studio whose team appreciates the safety and comfort of your infant during newborn photoshoots. White Room Studio’s rate for Newborn and Family Portraits is S$450 for a 2-hour studio and natural light shoot. This shoot can involve up to 4 persons / pet, and includes 3 outfit changes. For an outdoor or shoot at home, this will cost an additional S$150. For twins, an additional fee of S$50 will apply.

Do contact White Room Studio for more information and for their availability at +65 3138 2056 / +65 8769 6003 or at [email protected].

Photo Credits: Xiaoyunphotography (Facebook)

#44 Xiaoyunphotography

Being a mother herself, Xiaoyun is a photographer who specialises in newborn, children and family photography. Her clients have praised her for her professionalism and passion for photography, and her patience with infants and children. Xiaoyunphotography’s newborn photography package will include a 3 to 4 hour session, the use of 3 different prop newborn styles, full use of wraps, bonnet and handbands. Do note that her sessions typically take place at her boutique lifestyle photography studio. Home shoots will be at an additional fee of S$150.

Do contact Xiaoyunphotography for more information and her availability at +65 8647 3470 or at [email protected].

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