6 Best Scar Gels for Children

6 Best Scar Gels for Children

With our daughter’s recent accident i.e. multiple lacerations to the skin on her cheeks, we are always on the lookout for scar creams / gels that promise great results. However, with children, there aren’t many options available on the market so we decided to put together a list of medically-approved scar gels for children so that parents in similar situations will have a list to reference. To be upfront, we’ve had great results with one of the gels in this list thus far. Although Ruth still has a long road ahead of her, the result that we’ve got in just over two months is already much to celebrate.

Again, we caveat that before embarking on any medication, you should consult your doctor about whether the medication that you have in mind is suitable for your child. Here are 6 different scar creams/gels, and where you can buy them, that you can consider if you’re looking to aid the healing of your child’s scars.

Photo Credits: Biodermis

#1 Biodermis Pro-Sil Kids (4.25g)

Biodermis carries a product called Pro-Sil Kids (4.25g), which is the world’s first and only patented silicone scar treatment stick made from a formula suitable for kids. Its active ingredient is Medical Garde Silicone, and the great thing about this stick is how easy it is to apply on your kids – just glide it on and you’re done. You may purchase this for US$9.95 directly from Biodermis.

Photo Credits: SixMD

#2 Dermatix Ultra

Dermatix Ultra 15g (S$87.55 with Guardian) is a scar gel which specifically targets raised and dark scars. Its effects include lightening, softening and flattening of every day scars and surgical (c-section) scars. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and odourless. The scar gel is also created with innovative CPX Silicone technology and a Vitamin C Ester formulation. In fact, this is the scar gel that was prescribed to us by two different hospitals for our daughter’s facial scars and so far it has worked really well for us, and we also appreciate that it’s available in retailers like Watsons and Guardian.

Do note that Dermatix Ultra is slightly pricier than most scar gels. As such, please take care when purchasing Dermatix from online retailers as there are quite a few counterfeit gels that are being circulated in the market. Again, when in doubt, just purchase Dermatix from your usual retailers such as Watsons and Guardian.

Photo Credits: Watsons

#3 Hiruscar Kids Gel

Hiruscar Kids Gel is a lightweight and non-allegernic scar treatment gel from Switzerland that helps with reducing the visibility of the scar. It comprises 6 essential ingredients (Allium Cepa, Aloe Vera, Allantoin, MPS and Oat Extract) which effectively reduces the visibility of your child’s scars and dark marks. Hiruscar Kids Gel is available at leading personal care stores and pharmacies in Singapore, i.e. Guardian, Unity and Watsons (S$23.03 for 20g).

Photo Credits: OleaPharma

#4 Kelo-Cote

Another option that we were given for our daughter’s scar recovery is KELO-COTE. KELO-COTE is a waterproof scar gel which helps to soften and flatten scars, reduces redness, relieves itching and discomfort. It is suitable for use in children and adults, is also transparent and odourless and also offers UV sun protection of SPF 30. The types of scars that KELO-COTE is said to be effective against are scars from cosmetic surgery, burn scars, C-section scars, surgical scars and children’s scars.

KELO-COTE is available on online platforms such as Amazon (S$189.42) and NineLife (S$166).

Photo Credits: Lazada

#5 Mederma For Kids Scar Gel

The MEDERMA Advanced Scar Gel is said to have a unique triple action formula which penetrates below the surface of the skin to seal in moisture, renew cells and aid in the formation of collagen. Its formulation incorporates Cepalin botanical extract, and is suitable for scars caused by acne, burns, injury and surgery. MEDERMA also claims too be the top scar gel recommended by paediatricians. Please avoid using this scar gel on deep or puncture wounds, animal bites or serious burns.

You may purchase the MEDERMA For Kids Scar Gel from iHerb (S$29.80) or in a pack of 3 from NineLife (S$134).

Photo Credit: Guardian

#6 Strataderm

Strataderm is a scar gel which is made out of polymer chains with different properties. It dries quickly, is non-sticky, and transparent and assists with the treatment of old and new scars and prevention of abnormal scars. It is suitable for use in children as it is completely biocompatible, non-reactive and intended for use on people with sensitive skin. You may purchase Strataderm from Guardian or Watsons at S$33 for a 5g tube.

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