34 Instagram Pages That All Mothers Should Follow

Motherhood (or even parenthood) is perhaps one of the most difficult yet rewarding things that a human can experience. And on those days when life gets tough, it admittedly gets a little lonely. Today, we’re blessed with connectivity and there are so many social media pages who are ready to offer you the support and advice you need. Thankfully, there isn’t the need to pour through books for the solution. Now, it’s right at our fingertips and really, it feels nice to not be alone and t know that there are fellow parents experiencing the same teething problems as you.

Whether you’re facing issues with breastfeeding to the terrible twos, here are 34 Instagram Pages That All Mothers Should Follow. These are just our favourite 34 so don’t let it stop you from exploring various other profiles. Really, whatever suits you and your needs is best. And don’t you forget that, mama.

#1 Alex Turnbull (@thefamilynutrionist)

As a toddler and baby dietician, Alex hopes that her content will help parents feed their family with confidence and decreased stress. She makes it a point for her page to be a judgment-free zone and also suggests various strategies that parents can use to encourage their children to try new types of food.

#2 Andrea (@incaseyouredown)

Now, I absolutely love this page. Andrea shares her life about motherhood, farming and her journey with Case, her special needs baby. Given our story with Ruth and the high OSCAR test result, we fully support how Andrea uses her page to educate others about education for Special Needs children and how Down Syndrome is not a disability at all.

#3 Anna Magnussen (@annamagnussen_)

A Swedish mama of three, Anna shares relatable quotes (fixed on a blackboard) in pictures with her children, capturing all the ups and downs that she faces in her motherhood journey.

#4 Autisim Nutritionist (@autism.nutritionist)

And if you’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be parents to a child with special needs, do check out Jenny’s page at @autism.nutritionist, as she shares with you tips on how to help your child improve and expand their diet in a fun and exciting way. If you’re interested in learning more, you can also check out her guides and books and even stand to benefit from her freebies!

#5 Bryana (@southbabymommyandme)

A licensed marriage and family therapist, Bryana is a parenting expert who helps her audience navigate the chaos of parenthood (and childhood) in a connected and helpful way. For example, she puts out content relating to how should parents react or behave when correcting children’s behaviour (cue screaming and hitting), and how parents can do better to understand their children’s emotions.

#6 Breastfeeding Life (@breastfeeding.life)

As a first time mom, breastfeeding is hella tough but you don’t have to do it alone. This instagram page seeks to connect moms who are experiencing the wild and beautiful ride of breastfeeding life together. You’d be able to pick up new pieces of information about breastfeeding from their content, and also be encouraged by their posts which aims at increasing acceptance of breastfeeding in society.

#7 Dr Cathryn (@healthiest_baby)

For a professional insight about the developmental changes that your child will experience during their early years, check out Dr Cathryn’s instagram page for more information. As a paediatrician, Dr Cathryn dishes out content which not only targets tips to enhance a baby’s potential / brainpower, but at the same time reassures parents about certain behavioural displays that they may be concerned about. Dr Cathryn also has e-books and weekly parenting tips available for parents.

#8 Dr Helen Mo (@the.dentistmom)

Now one of the most tricky parts of your baby’s growth will be teething and boy, do you hear tons of people saying that that period of time is an absolute nightmare! For guidance on how to navigate the challenges of baby teeth, Dr Helen Mo (@the.dentistmom) is a dentist who arms parents with weekly brushing tips in her stories. You’d also be able to glean knowledge from her recommendations about straw cups and open cups; there’s tons to learn!

#9 Dr Ream (@psychedmommy)

Now, motherhood isn’t all about your baby. You’ve got to cut yourself some slack too and look out for your mental health. Dr Ream (@psychedmommy) is all about giving mothers practical mental health tools to help them to prioritize themselves, reduce stress and also feel more supported during this challenging journey of motherhood.

#10 Dr Sandra Psy.D., PMH-C (@the.mommy.psychologist)

A clinical psychologist, wife and mother, Dr Sandra’s account is filled with posts that are focussed on helping mothers and mothers-to-be draw on their inner strength, with the view of promoting maternal mental health.

#11 Dr. Tracy Dalgleish (@dr.tracyd)

Whether you’ve just delivered your first or second child, it is completely normal for the dynamics of your relationship with your partner to change, and sometimes, to suffer. Dr Tracy Dalgleish is a relationship expert, author and speaker who strives to help families strengthen their relationships especially after having children. She teaches her followers about the best way to communicate and respond to their partners, and affirms feelings of dejectedness and rejection, whilst offering her followers practical tips to address these emotions.

#12 Exclusive Pumping (@exclusive_pumping)

As I truly struggled with latching at the start, I made it a point to follow Instagram pages that were focussed on exclusive pumping. And of course, I just had to follow @exclusive_pumping, which is an Instagram page (by the author of the Exclusive Pumping website) providing tips and support for exclusive pumpers. They also run a Q&A on Sundays / Mondays so that their followers can get their questions answered and problems, resolved.

#13 Gina and Roxanne (@mamastefit)

Led by Gina and Roxanne, a MS Exercise Science/Doula and LND Nurse, gain knowledge about the science of pregnancy and birth, as well as pre and post-natal fitness with @mamastefit whether in-person, online or virtually.

#14 Hannah (@babyplayhacks)

For more play ideas for your little one (if they’re between 0 to 18 months), do check out Hannah’s page at @babyplayhacks, where she introduces you to multiple new ways to engage with your child through fun, inexpensive and everyday objects. You canalso download her app (Baby Play Hacks) for the iPhone on the Apple App Store.

#15 Jess (@ourmamavillage)

Being a therapist for parents, Jess started @ourmamavillage to render support to parents who not only wish to understand their children a little better but also reparent their inner child and hence improving the relationship and welfare of both parent and child. Jess reassures parents about the different challenges of parenthood and also teaches parents how to set boundaries to protect their mental health.

#16 KC (@milestones.and.motherhood)

And if you’re looking for some knowledge about the type of activities that you can incorporate into your little one’s daily schedule which would help them with their development, you’ve got to check out KC’s page at @milestones.and.motherhood. A doctor of physical therapy, she shares information ranging from how to encourage your baby to start crawling to alternatives for tummy time. But for parents looking for more, you’ll be able to sign up for her 0-3 Yrs Development PDF and Masterclasses.

#17 Kristen (@bemybreastfriend)

As a first-time breastfeeding mom and one who initially struggled with nursing (and hence, the decision to exclusively pump), Kristen’s account was and remains one of the top breastfeeding accounts that I follow on Instagram. A mother of multiples and a new baby girl, Kristen is an experienced pumping mom who shares her tips and tricks for supply and storage of breastmilk alongside reviews of various electric pumps and pumping bras. On top of being a working mom, she is also studying for her Certified Lactation Counsellor credentials!

#18 Kristin Mariella (@respectfulmom)

One thing I’ve promised myself is to be conscious about the tone and words that I use whilst interacting with Ruth. There is such a thing as respectful parenting and showing your little one that you truly care about their emotions and accept them for who they are. If you are of the same view, do check out Kristin’s page. Kristin is a respectful parenting enthusiast and an author of a children’s book about feelings. She also offers online courses for parents who wish to understand more about how to interact in a productive manner with their children.

#19 Mary McConville (@growupbrite)

Ever heard of the saying that you have to love yourself first before you can love others? Well, the same goes for mothers. We’ve got to take care of ourselves first so that we can be the best version of ourselves for our babies. Mary McConville (@growupbrite) is a motivator for mothers who uses art to connect and inspire her followers.

#20 Melissa G (@pump_momma_pump)

For mamas who pump, you know as well as I do how demoralising and boring it is to sit by your pumps in the quiet of the night. At those times, it’s difficult to ignore the resounding silence (save for your pumps) and the feeling of being alone. With Melissa’s page at @pump_momma_pump, be comforted that you’re not alone in this pumping journey. Here, you’ll stand to benefit from education, motivation and support from one pumping mom to another.

#21 Melissa Minney (@raisinglittletalkers)

As her Instagram handle says, Melissa Minney’s page is all about helping parents encourage speech in their little ones and giving them tips on how to aid language development in their children. Melissa is a speech pathologist and a mommy of 2, and she also answers Q&A about speech issues which would definitely prove useful for parents looking for some answers about speech-related matters.

#22 Milky Mama LLC (@milkymamallc)

With more than 307,000 followers, @milkymamallc is arguably one of the most popular lactation support pages on Instagram and one page that breastfeeding mothers should follow. Aside from offering breastfeeding support for their followers, they also sell lactation supplements which are said to help with building and increasing one’s milk supply.

#23 Molli Fowler (@babiesfeedingbabies)

One of the most exciting parts of a baby’s growth is introducing them to solids. At @babiesfeedingbabies, Molli Fowler is a registered dietitian nutritionist who hopes to use her page to share her knowledge about baby-led weaning with the view of preventing your little one from developing fussy eating habits.

#24 Postpartum Push (@postpartum.push)

Run by an OB and Midwife, @postpartum.push aims to help parents thrive after birth and to be the best version of themselves for their children. What they do is to push out content which is evidence-based, so as to render empowering yet inclusive education for all parents. You’d be able to find a huge range of content on their page which comprises breastfeeding, maternity leave and even certain negative thought processes that all parents would naturally experience postpartum.

#25 Rachael (@heysleepybaby)

All about babies and sleep, mothers can turn to Rachael’s page for some comfort about their baby’s sleep patterns and behaviour, knowing that what they are experiencing is normal. I particularly appreciated Rachael’s affirmation about contact napping and felt less anxious about my daughter’s inability to take long naps during the day. Rachael also offers webinars which you can watch, and also the chance to work with her to improve your baby’s sleep quality.

#26 Raise Good Kids (@raisegoodkids)

For tips on mindful parenting, Raise Good Kids’ Instagram page brings you new topics about mindful parenting every single day. Topics they address include distinguishing between threats and warnings in parenting, how to teach your children about responsibilities and how to teach your child to cope with their emotions.

#27 Safe In The Seat (@safeintheseat)

If yo intend to put your precious one in the car at some point of their childhood, make sure that you follow Michelle’s page for tips and guidance about how to ensure that your children are safe in their car seat. Aside from teaching parents how ot identify projectile risks, Michelle also takes you through different ways to help your child get accustomed to car seats. And if you’re keen, she also offers online courses which provide more in-depth help on car seat matters.

#28 Samantha (@mommy.realist)

This page is all about displaying the truth and reality of motherhood. None of that glamour and pretence, just raw and real motherhood, which serves the purpose of reminding all mothers that they are not alone during this trying but meaningful journey of motherhood.

#29 Solid Starts (@solidstarts)

Helmed by a team comprising food and feeding experts, doctors and moms, this is the page that you can turn to for advice on how to introduce real food ot babies. Here, their techniques are focussed on not just ensuring that your child’s exposure to solids is a smooth and positive one, but they also strive to prevent your child from being a picky eater.

#30 Speech Therapy Mom (@speechtherapymom)

Grace is a speech therapy expert / pathologist who focusses her content on teaching parents how to get their bilingual child to talk and embrace both languages. Here, you’d also be treated to her ABC Storytime Podcast which is available on Apple and Android.

#31 (The) Breastfeeding Dietician (@breastfeeding.dietician)

Helmed by Robyn, the co-founder of @leto.mom, Robyn’s content is focussed on normalising struggles/issues with breastfeeding and also gives tips to moms to have a successful breastfeeding journey. She also addresses breastfeeding myths such as foods which decrease milk supply, and also various breastfeeding positions to explore with your little one (especially if the current positions just aren’t working for you).

#32 The Mom Project (@the_mom_project)

For moms who work, I completely understand the struggles and guilt that you experience when thinking about leaving your little one at home. And even more so, when people at work don’t seem to understand why we draw boundaries and how we can still flourish at work. Follow @the_mom_project for content which focusses on building a better workplace for all of us (especially women). Equal opportunities, need I say more?

#33 The VBAC Link (@thevbaclink)

Run by Julie Francom and Meagan Heaton, @thevbaclink talks about birth after a C-section and prides itself as the most comprehensive #VBAC resource in the world. Here, you’d be able to find testimonials about women who select to have a VBAC (as opposed to another C-section), as well as other useful information about home birth and hospital births.

#34 Working Mom Kind (@workingmomkind)

The Working Momkind is an Instagram page dedicated to empowering mothers to achieve their persona land professional goals. We love the motivational content that they share on their page, and especially posts that comfort mothers that they’re not the only ones struggling with motherhood.

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