The ONLY Guide You Need To 47 Online Fresh Food Deliveries In Singapore

During this COVID-19 pandemic, it always pays to be safer than sorry and to stay at home. And for those who have to step outside for groceries, you really don’t have to. There are so many online platforms in Singapore that have farm-to-table concepts, and they can deliver the very best and freshest produce right to your doorstep. This not only saves you the time to go down to the grocery store, but you also can stay safe during this pandemic whilst enjoying competitive prices on your fresh goods.

As a mom, I make it a point to only feed Ruth with fresh food. And now, I don’t need to leave my house to be able to give her the best. Here are 47 Online Fresh Food Deliveries in Singapore. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. This is the only and most comprehensive guide that you’ll ever need. If you’ve got more options to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment down below too! Sharing is caring.

Photo Credits: BenMart (Facebook)

#1 BenMart by Ben Food (S) Pte Ltd

A subsidiary of QAF Ltd, Ben Foods (S) Pte Ltd came into the fresh foods business in 1958 as a commodity trader in frozen meat, dairy products, and poultry farming. You’d be able to pick up fresh meat (beef, poultry, turkey, pork, lamb). BenMart offers free delivery for orders above S$100. Customers can use the code “BM1tS$10” to enjoy S$10 off a minimum order of S$120 of non-promotional items.

Photo Credits: Crown Fresh (Facebook)

#2 Crownfresh

Crown Fresh was established in 2003 by Robert Koh, who came from a family whose business was in local pig breeding. Through Crown Fresh, Robert strives to provide the freshest cuts and affordable meats to all customers, without the hassle of stepping out of their door. Types of meat that are available for purchase include pork, beef, free-range pork and poultry.

Photo Credit: Eat Fresh SG (Facebook)

#3 Eat Fresh

Eat Fresh promises to do its best to deliver products of the highest quality and freshness. They have a wide variety of products ranging from premium, season, and everyday fruits, vegetables, meat, and many more for your picking. Customers will be entitled to free delivery for orders above S$60. A charge of S$8 will be applicable for orders below S$60 and for same-day deliveries before 12pm, you’ll have to pay S$15 for the said service.

Photo Credits: Evergreen Seafood

#4 Evergreen Seafood

Evergreen Seafood has supplied live, fresh, chilled, and frozen seafood to local restaurants and hotels for more than 20 years. This is where you’ll be able to pick up premium seafood such as Chilean Sea Bass, Cod Fish, Salmon, Boston Lobster, Atlantic Scallops, and King Crabs. They also offer free islandwide delivery for orders above S$150.

Photo Credits: FishMart (Facebook)

#5 FishMart

If you’re looking to get fresh fish and shellfish directly from a wholesaler with more than 40 years of experience, FishMart is another online store that you can check out. According to their website, the shipment arrives at 12am every day and orders are packed and dispatched to your homes by 6am. You can’t get your seafood any fresher than that. FishMart offers free delivery for orders above S$50. Do make sure that you submit your order before 11:30pm to qualify for next-day delivery (except for Mondays).

Photo Credits: Fisk (Facebook)

#6 Fisk

Fisk works with local fishermen all over the world to deliver quality air=flown seafood to Singapore. Tink seafood air-flown from places like Denmark, Ireland, Norway, and even the USA. Once our seafood is caught, it is air-flown to Singapore and delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours of being caught. Fisk offers free delivery for orders above S$100.

Photo Credits: Fruit Club Singapore (Facebook)

#7 Fruit Club Singapore

Fruit Club Singapore promises fruits that are of great quality and they take pride in maintaining close contact with their farmers and doing a thorough check on the shipments that are delivered to them. Fruit Club Singapore also says that their fruits are priced up to 20% off their usual retail price. Do note that Fruit Club Singapore only delivers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and customers can enjoy free shipping with a minimum of S$60 per order. You can also use various promo codes to get discounts on your box e.g. “get2box” for S$4 off per box, “get5box” for S$6 off per box, and “get10box” for S$8 off per box.

Photo Credits: Good Food

#8 Good Food

Good Food believes in sourcing and bringing in the finest food and beverage products, at the best value, for their customers. Here, you’d be able to pick up fresh tomatoes, vegetables, and fruits, as well as fresh eggs and cheese.

Photo Credits: Greenies (Facebook)

#9 Greenies

If you’re looking for fresh plant-based food, check out Greenies, an online delivery store that prides itself on delivering the farm’s freshest produce! You can pick up a wide range of vegetables here. Greenies offers free delivery for orders above S$39. They are also presently offering a 10% discount on all products until the end of June 2021. Simply enter the promo code <Stayindoors> when you checkout.

Photo Credits: Joo Hwa Food (Facebook)

#10 Joo Hwa Food

For fresh yong tau foo, check out Joo Hwa Food, an online steamboat ingredients delivery store which first started out in the 1970s in Chinatown. With 40 over years of experience, Joo Hwa Food is proud of their 5-star customer service and affordable pricing for their products. Do note that there is a minimum order of S$58 for each order, but you’ll get free delivery for your order in return.

Photo Credits:Kee Song Group (Facebook)

#11 Kee Song Food Corporation (S) Pte Ltd

Founded in 1987, Kee Song Food Corporation (S) Pte Ltd has supplied fresh and frozen chicken to various F&B businesses all over Singapore. They have introduced nutrients such as carotenoids in their chicken, and are constantly researching ways to ethically rear poultry through environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. New customers are entitled to a one-time S$5 discount off their first purchase with the code <Hellokeesong>.

Photo Credits: Komalas Vegemart (Facebook)

#12 Komalas Vegemart

Craving for some Indian cuisine? Pick up fresh Indian vegetables and provisions at Komala’s Vegemart. And if you’re looking to purchase in bulk, you can do so at Komala’s Vegemart. For example, you can pick up 10kg of cabbage for just S$16 and 2.7-2.9kg of onions for S$2.80!

Photo Credits: Kuhlbarra (Facebook)

#13 Kuhlbarra

Established by Joep Staarman, order your weekly stash of fish from Kuhlbarra which offers locally farmed fish for sale. their fish are grown in open sea-cages on their two sites, and their pens are spacious (26m in diameter) which gives their fish tons of space to frolick and grow. All fish are cleaned and sliced in a cold room, and thereafter vacuum-packed and put into insulated ice-filled boxes, ready to be shipped off to you!

Photo Credits: Lazyfruits (Facebook)

#14 Lazyfruits

Whether you’re at home or at the office, so long as you crave some fruit, Lazyfruits has got your back. Their mission is to provide their customers with a healthier alternative to snacks and tidbits, which ain’t a bad idea! Lazyfruits has a wide range of fruits that have been specially handpicked for their customers. Further, so long as you order before 5pm, you will get your order by the next day. Do note that a minimum order of S$20 is required, and orders above S$75 will enjoy free delivery. Also, if your order has any damaged or bruised fruits, your order will be replaced/refunded with no questions asked.

Photo Credits: Little Farms (Facebook)

#15 Little Farms

Little Farms first began its humble beginnings at Valley Point Shopping Centre in February 2016, where they provided their customers with fresh, clean and ethical food. Their approach towards groceries features a mindful approach to healthy living. Each produt has been specially selected so as to ensure that the quality, taste and credibility of their foods is unquestioned. Enjoy free and same day delivery from Monday to Saturday for orders above S$100.

Photo Credits: Market Fresh (Facebook)

#16 Market Fresh

If you love the wet market experience but are concerned about the crowds, check out Market Fresh, an online wet market. Here, you’ll get to enjoy the best of Singapore’s wet market from the comforts of your home, but yet also have these groceries delivered to you. Enjoy free delivery on your orders of more than S$68. Rest assured that your orders are also only prepared on the day of delivery.

Photo Credits: MomoBud (Facebook)

#17 MomoBud

MomoBud is an online store that sells premium fruits from all over the world. Your order will be hand-picked, packed, and delivered to your doorstep. You can also pick up gift boxes from MomoBud for your family and loved ones. Premium fruits that you can lok forward to include the Japanese Gyokusei Aoume (Plum) (S$21 to S$42) and the Japanese Hikawa Hakuhou White Peach (S$24 to S$46).

Photo Credits: New Zealand Fresh (Facebook)

#18 New Zealand Fresh

Miss the days when we all could travel? Well, you still can enjoy what New Zealand has to offer (in terms of food) by purchasing fresh grass-fed meat and fish from New Zealand Fresh. All their imported meats are airfrieghted, and have never been frozen. A delivery fee is applicable for all orders below S$100. Orders above S$100 will enjoy free delivery. For first time customers, checkout with the code <WELCOME10> for 10% off your order.

Photo Credits: Ninja Food (Facebook)

#19 Ninja Food

With more than 30 years in live seafood and meat distribution, Ninja Food wants to be an online store that allows you ease when procuring fresh seafood and meat for your grocery needs. They work directly with their sources of fish and meat, and also make it a point to vacuum-pack your fish and seafood (and thereafter chill it in ice) to ensure that your goods are kept fresh. Ninja Food is offering free delivery for orders above S$100.

#20 Oceanwaves Seafood

Oceanwaves Seafood is a reputable fresh meat and fresh seafood wholesaler whose products are sourced directly from Singapore’s Jurong Fishery Port. Their products are vacuum-packed and will be delivered chilled to preserve the quality and freshness of their items. Ocean Waves Seafood is offering free delivery for orders above S$60. Islandwide delivery is also carried out between 11am to 5pm.

Photo Credits; Open Taste (Facebook)

#21 Open Taste

Open Taste has a fantastic selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat for your picking. How it works is like this: you shop the market and choose from hundreds of farm-fresh products. Open Taste will then collect if for you and deliver them to your home in less than 36 hours for free. You can also purchase fresh fruits in bulk at Open Taste, such as their organic blueberries (S$14.99 for 3 punnets), Driscoll’s Blackberry (S$17.99 for 3 punnets) and Orange Valencia (S$3.99 for 10 pieces). Oh yes, you can get Fresh Dairy, Fresh meat and Fresh Seafood in bulk at Open Taste too.

Photo Credits: Perfect Food (Facebook)

#22 Perfect Food

Perfect Food supplies local food chains with fresh and frozen food at distributor rates. But now, you can also enjoy their quality products which will be delivered right to the doorstep of your home. A delivery charge of S$8 is applicable for orders below S$80, and orders above S$80 will enjoy free delivery. Self-collect from Perfect Food to enjoy 5% off your order (apply code <sc2020> at checkout).

Photo Credits: PomeFresh (Facebook)

#23 PomeFresh

PomeFresh stands for “Pour Me Fresh”, and was established by a founder who believes in the importance of food and nutrition for health. You’ll be able to pick up your fix of organic juices here. PomeFresh is currently offering one bottle of 100% pure organic juice (330ml) or one grocery item from their organic pantry along with their order.

Photo Credits: PurelyFresh (Facebook)

#24 PurelyFresh

PurelyFresh is offering free delivery on orders above S$50. If not, an order below S$50 will attract a delivery fee of S$10. Here, you’d be able to pick up fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat. Customers would also be pleased to note that you can customise your orders (only for fresh fish, pork, chicken and meats) according to your family’s needs i.e. have the fresh fish sliced, fresh pork sliced and what not. And if you’re not happy with the quality of your products, PurelyFresh offers their customers a full money-back guarantee.

Photo Credits: Ryan’s Grocery (Facebook)

#25 Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery is a boutique grocer and butcher which sells products for those with exquisite tastes or special dietary requirements. They believe in bringing in quality and healthy foods that are suitable for all dietary needs. Customers can also enjoy next-day delivery if you put in your order before 2pm. Do make sure that you put in this request on Facebook, too.

Photo Credits: Sasha’s Fine Foods (Facebook)

#26 Sasha’s Fine Foods

Sasha’s Fine Foods promise to deliver you food that you can trust, that are of the best quality. All their products are sourced carefully and curated in a manner so as to ensure that their customers only receive the best of the best. Their products are obtained from inspirational farmers who are given a fair price in return for their products, so that they can look after their workers and animals well.

First time customers can enjoy 15% off their order. All you’d have to do is submit your email and sign up for an account with Sasha’s Fine Foods. If you order by 1pm, Sasha’s Fine Foods will have your order delivered after 5pm on weekdays. Orders above S$100 will have delivery fees waived too.

Photo Credits: The SG Deli & Grocer (Facebook)

#27 The SG Deli & Grocer

The SSG Deli & Grocer is committed to delivering fresh groceries to your doorstep all the way from Australia. If you’re looking for a grocer that doesn’t compromise on freshness and quality, this is where you can order from for fresh hand-plucked fruits and vegetables. Customers can enjoy free delivery on orders above S$50.

Photo Credits: SG Organic (Facebook)

#28 SG Organic

SG Organic is another online store where you can get your hands on 100% organic products from Australian farms, delivered right to your doorstep. Their organic fruit and vegetable boxes start at S$40, and there is a box that would suit every household’s budget and needs. There will be a delivery fee of S$10 on all orders, and there is no minimum order amount.

Photo Credits: SGWetMarket (Facebook)

#29 SGWetmarket

SGWetMarket has been in the wet market scene for more than 13 years. They provide their customers with next-day vegetables, meat, seafood, fish, and fruits delivery services in Singapore (think more than 250 options for your choosing). And if you’re too busy to think about the ingredients that you need for a pot of soup, SGWetMarket has soup sets that you can purchase such as the ABC Pork Rib Soup (S$17; U.P. S$24), Fen Ge Pork Rib Soup (S$18, U.P. S$24) and more. SGWetMarket is offering free shipping for orders over S$60.

Photo Credits: SHINSEN Fresh Online Grocer (Facebook)

#30 SHINSEN Fresh Online Grocer

SHINSEN Fresh Online Grocer is an online-based Japanese grocery platform that delivers islandwide within 2 hours. Here, you’d be able to cart out gourmet meats from the US and Australia, fresh fish from Japan, as well as other cooking essentials. Customers can enjoy free delivery on orders of more than S$100.

Photo Credits: ShiokFarm (Facebook)

#31 ShiokFarm

Founded in 2015, ShiokFarm‘s mission is to bring clean food to the tables of households in Singapore. ShiokFarm is inspired on the French AMAP Model or community-based agriculture. This means that families can enjoy regionally grown organic vegetables and fruits at affordable prices. In fact, ShiokFarm prides themselves on selling organic fruits and vegetables that are 23% than “generic products”.

Photo Credits: Straits Market (Facebook)

#32 Straits Market

Straits Market offers home delivery of groceries which include fresh fish, seafood, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, and other items. Do send in your order before 2pm to ensure that you can enjoy next-day delivery. Orders above S$150 (per daily order) will be entitled to free delivery.

Photo Credits: SuperFresh Grocer (Facebook)

#33 SuperFresh Grocer

SuperFresh Grocer works on a preorder basis so as to ensure that the produce they bring in is of optimal freshness. This also helps to reduce food waste on a commercial level and unnecessary storage. Here, you can pick up fresh meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Do put in your order before Monday at 2pm to secure a delivery slot for Tuesday or Wednesday.

Photo Credits: SuperNature (Facebook)

#34 SuperNature

SuperNature first began in 2001 as a small store that carried sporadic supplies of organic food. Today, they consider themselves a leading retailer of organic and natural products. You can get fresh produce, meats, groceries, and even baby and children’s needs here, from ethical producers all around the world. SuperNature is part of the COMO Group (effective 2007).

Photo Credits: TADA Fresh Market (Singapore)


If TADA sounds familiar to you, they are Singapore’s first zero-commission ride-hailing service. TADA Fresh Market is their next-day wet market delivery concept that is driven to support local wet market stallholders, whilst also contributing to the livelihoods of Singapore’s taxi and private-drive hires. Your orders are collected fresh from the wet market and are delivered to you. An order of S$50 will qualify you for next-day delivery between 2-6pm, subject to availability.

Photo Credits: Tai Kang Healthy Fruits (Instagram)

#36 Tai Kang Healthy Fruits

Tai Kang Healthy Fruits is one of our favourite go-to places for fresh fruits and vegetables. What we love from them are their grapes as well as their crunchy white corn; so, so delicious! Tai Kang Healthy Fruits delivers every Tuesday and Saturday. You can check out their fruits catalogue and order form here.

Photo Credits: Tankfully Fresh (Facebook)

#37 Tankfully Fresh

If you’re not keen on delivery charges, Tankfully Fresh is offering free delivery for every order with a minimum order of S$60. Tankfully Fresh is an online seafood supply retailer started by Sin Chwee Mini Mart, founded by Mr Goh Thiam Chwee and Mrs Chua Bee Hong. They are dedicated to “provide optimal convenience and the freshest seafood to your doorstep, islandwide.”

Photo Credits: Tangerine (Facebook)

#38 Tangerine

Tangerine (formerly Tangy Tangerines) was established in 2012. They consider themselves to be your friendly and reliable online fresh fruit and vegetable grocer who delivers islandwide to both homes and offices. Customers can enjoy free delivery on orders above S$99.

Photo Credits: Taste Singapore (Facebook)

#39 Taste Singapore

At Taste Singapore, customers can pick up fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and fresh meat and thereby enter into a world of epicurean delight. They work with partners such as Taste Gourmet Market, Swiss Butchery, Frisch Seafood, Sens Suhi and Black Marble by Otto.

Photo Credits: The Ocean Mart (Facebook)

#40 The Ocean Mart

The Ocean Mart has distinguished itself as the first imported premium live seafood supplier/wholesaler since 1986. Fresh live seafood that you can purchase include oysters, abalone, Geoduck clams, Bamboo clams, Canadian Manila Clams, Hairy Crabs and more. The Ocean mart is presently offering free delivery for orders above S$100.

Photo Credits: The Providore (Facebook)

#41 The Providore

If you’re looking to pick up some fresh bakes, you can do so from The Providore. Spend S$150 or more on your order for a free fixed day delivery.

Photo Credits: Ugly Food (Facebook)

#42 Ugly Food

Ugly Food’s motto is “Eat Sustainably, for the Better Good”. Established in 2017, Ugly Food is all about reducing food waste and to “revamp the food ecosystem”. They carry excess or ugly fresh fruits and vegetables, their own branded products and sustainably sourced goods. Customers who spend S$65 or more will also enjoy free delivery on their orders. Otherwise, a S$6 delivery fee is applicable for orders below S$40, and a S$3 fee for orders between S$40 to S$65.

Photo Credits: Quan Fa Organic Farm (Facebook)

#43 Quan Fa Organic Farm

Vegetables from Quan Fa Organic Farm are grown via ecological agrarian methods of farming, which means that your vegetables will not have any pesticides or harmful fertilizers and you’d be enjoying nutritious and healthy vegetables. All harvesting and packaging are done in the morning daily. vegetable bundles that you can pick up include the Stay Safe Home Pack with Quan Fa (S$60) and the Keto Box (S$60).

Photo Credits: Waangoo (Facebook)

#44 Waangoo

Established and run by the Cutech Group of companies, Waangoo strives to provide excellent service with their quality products which carry competitive prices. In terms of fresh produce, you will be able to pick up fresh vegetables and fruits here.

Photo Credits: YayaPapaya (Facebook)

#45 YayaPapaya

As its name reads, yes, YayaPapaya sells fruits and is located in Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, the fruits and vegetable hub of Singapore. But now, you can enjoy these fresh fruits without even stepping out of your door because they will deliver them straight to your doorstep. Customers can enjoy free delivery on orders above S$45. And if any of your fruits are damaged, bruised, or unfresh, YayaPapaya will replace them for free if you update them about the order within 24 hours.

Photo Credits: Zairyo (Facebook)

#46 Zairyo

Craving fresh uni? Pick some up from Zairyo. Zairyo, one of Singapore’s best gourmet online grocery stores, also offers customers fresh seafood, vegetables, and sliced sashimi for their picking. You’d also be able to grab some Halal Japanese products from their online store! Customers can enjoy free delivery on orders of more than S$100.

Photo Credits: ZENXIN Organic

#47 ZENXIN Organic Store

ZENXIN Organic is Malaysia’s leading producer, distributor, and retailer of organic produce. They are also a member of the International Federation of Organic Farm Movements. Here, you’ll be able to pick up organic fresh produce and even subscribe to their Organic Box Subscription (S$120 to S$240) and Fruit & Vegetable Box (starting from S$30). They offer next-day deliveries and charge a flat fee of S$6 for delivery. Orders above S$80 will enjoy free delivery.

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