26 Baby & Toddler Swim Schools in Singapore To Fuel Your Child’s Swim Fever

One thing that I’m sure all of us can agree on is that Singapore is really very hot. And the best way to cool off from the heat is to take a plunge in the pool. But before enjoying some pool time, it is quintessential to make sure that your little ones are armed with proper swimming techniques and safety skills so that you avoid unwanted accidents.

Not sure where to take classes? Here is our guide to 26 Baby and Toddler Swim Schools in Singapore. Whether you prefer to take classes in the convenience of your apartment’s swimming complex, at a nearby public swimming complex or at the swimming school itself, you’ll be able to find a fit for your needs.

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#1 Able Aquatic School

At Able Aquatic School, all swimming instructors are certified by Sport Singapore, AUSTswim, or STA, and are qualified to teach the SwimSafer program, lifesaving program, and Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards. Their swimming instructors are also certified in First Aid, CPR and trained in advanced lifesaving techniques. Able Aquatic School offers lessons for babies, toddlers, children, people with special needs, adults, and also aqua aerobic courses.

For group lessons for children, this will cost S$60 to S$80 a month, and lessons will be between 45 to 60 minutes depending on group size. For private lessons, a male instructor will cost S$240 per month and for female instructors, S$260 per month. Private lessons will span about 45 to 60 minutes per session.

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#2 Aquabambinos Swim School

If you’re looking for swim lessons that can carry on whether rain or shine, you’d be able to get that at Aquabambinos Swim School, which has a heated indoor pool coupled with heater showers, baby changing stations, and a children-friendly waiting area. The teacher-to-student ratio is 1:5, which allows for greater supervision of your child and his/her needs. They are located at two outlets – Serangoon Gardens and Piccadilly. Do consider signing up for a free trial to find out if their classes and curriculum are suitable for your child.

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#3 aquaDucks

If you’re looking for a swimming school with tons of history, aquaDucks swim school would fit the bill. Their swimming program was founded in 1989 and they offer swimming lessons all at multiple locations all over Singapore. They offer swimming classes for babies and toddlers, and even up to adult classes. Their pools are covered, heated, and salt-chlorinated. Their coaches are also said to be vibrant, energetic, and fun, and can’t wait to get you started on your swimming journey together with you.

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#4 Aquatics In Motion

A swim school established in 2017, Aquatics in Motion is a swim school for infants and toddlers, which teaches water safety and swim stroke development. They have passionate coaches who are claimed to provide excellent swimming instruction in a safe yet fun environment. Your child can also benefit from their customized lesson plans so that they can learn swimming in the way they learn best. They provide swimming lessons for babies 6 months and older.

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#5 Friendly Dolphin Swim School

Friendly Dolphin Swim School is all about encouraging children to start swimming as early as possible, and as such, they offer classes for babies that are just 6 months old. Their swimming instructors focus on instilling a good foundation in swimming basics, and also have at least 2 years of instructing experience, are certified and insured. Their baby swimming lessons are catered for children between 6 months to 2 years old, and seek to help children gain confidence and familiarise themselves with the water, learn how to blow bubbles, and even submerge themselves in the water. Individual classes are priced at S$280 for 4 lessons. Prices for 2 in a group are going at S$165 for 4 lessons and for 3 in a group, S$128 for 4 lessons.

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#6 Fun Splash Swim School

Mentored by Coach Adrian (a registered Master swimming coach (NROC level 3) with the National Registry of Coaches), Fun Splash Swim School aims to educate children and adults alike about the valuable benefits of swimming, in a safe, skillful and enjoyable way. Class fees for Passion Card Members are S$68 (incl. GST) per month, and for non-members, S$70 per month (incl. GST). Their lessons last 60 minutes and students will be entitled to 4 lessons per month. There are no more than 10 students in each class per session.

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#7 Happy Fish

If you don’t plan to wait till 6 months to send your baby for swim class, Happy Fish offers swimming classes for babies right from the age of 4 months, and your child will start their lifelong swimming journey with their passionate coaches. Their coaches are trained in-house and have undergone intensive training, attachment, and stringent assessment prior to taking conduct of your child’s swimming lessons. Happy Fish also has 10 indoor heated swimming pools in Malaysia. They use state-of-the-art water sanitization so that your baby will be swimming in a comfortable, controlled, and clean environment.

Group classes for babies cost S$342.40 per term for weekdays (10 30-minute lessons per term with a maximum size of 6 persons), and S$428 per term for weekends (10 30-minute lessons per term with a maximum size of 6 persons). For private lessons (4 lessons per month) at the indoor pools, this is only available for weekdays. For individuals, this will cost S$428 per month, S$481.50 for 2 pax, S$535 for 3 pax, S$588.50 for 4 pax, S$642 for 5 pax, and S$695.50 for 6 pax.

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#8 ISplash Swim School

Isplash Swim School comprises a team of swimming instructors who offer swimming lessons for all ages in public pools and private pools at affordable prices. They hope to inspire their students and the community to love the skill of swimming, whilst equipping their students with the skills to enjoy swimming safely and joyfully. Their swimming lessons start for ages 2 and up. Their rates for Toddlers Swimming Classes (2 to 4 years old) cost S$100 per month (4 x 30-minute lessons, the maximum teacher-to-student ratio of 6:1). Private classes will cost S$280 for a single student, S$160 per pax for 2 students, S$120 per pax for 3 students, and S$100 per pax for 4 students (4 x 30-minute lessons).

#9 Joysfin Swimming

Joysfin Swimming believes in starting your swimming journey right and from a young age. Their swimming lessons are targeted at helping their students overcome their fear of the water, and to build up their confidence in the water. Their lessons are also structured to help you improve your swimming stroke, and also practice the said stroke so that your swimming skills will come to you like an instinct in all scenarios. Sign up for their classes now for a free trial lesson and swimming equipment worth S$35.

#10 Learn 2 SWIM Kids

Learn 2 SWIM Kids is a swim school that offers private lessons which work around your schedule. Their instructors come right to you with all the necessary equipment. Private lessons also mean that there is more time focusing on your child’s needs, and the lesson can be customized to fit your child’s individual goals. Learn 2 SWIM Kids offers baby swimming lessons for infants between 6 to 48 months old, and for toddlers between 4 to 6 years old. Classes for toddlers start from S$50 per class and are capped at 3 parents/toddlers.

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#11 Little Fishes

Led by Steven, the principal swimming instructor, with more than 20 years of swimming experience, Little Fishes offers infant swimming lessons that are focused on teaching your child basic water safety skills and swim safety. They impart these skills to their students in a supportive manner so that your child can learn in a fast, easy, and enjoyable way. Little Fishes offers a controlled, safe and comfortable environment that is suitable for infants. Their 22 venues are said to have clean and hygienic water, amongst which there is an indoor heated pool that comes with UV filters, salt chlorinators, and more.

For private lessons (4 x 30-minute lessons a month) for babies, this will cost S$320 per month for individuals. For 2 pax, this will cost S$350/month, and so on. The maximum group size for private lessons is 6 students. For group lessons for babies (10 x 30-minute lessons with 4 makeups), this will cost S$320 per term for weekday classes and S$400 per term for weekend classes. The maximum group size for group lessons is also 6 students.

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#12 Little Splashes Aquatics

Little Splashes Aquatics is one of the more well-known swimming schools in Singapore and is recognized for its vision, teaching methodology, and early childhood development. Their swim and aquatic programs are based on AUSTSWIM’s philosophy i.e. the creation of an environment that is safe and appealing for a child’s physical, psychological, social, and emotional growth. Little Splashes Aquatics’s swimming pools are also maintained between 31 to 33 degrees, which also functions as a form of hydrotherapy during your baby’s swim classes.

For a single trial class, this will cost S$45 for weekdays and S$50 for weekends. For a 4-class trial bundle, this will cost S$162 for weekdays and S$180 for weekends. For term packages (either 11 or 12 lessons depending on the year’s terms), 11 classes will cost S$396 for weekdays and S$440 for weekends. 12 classes will cost S$432 for weekdays and S$480 for weekends.

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#13 Little Swim School Pte Ltd

At Little Swim School, your child will be able to learn to swim in an indoor temperature-controlled pool (means no need to reschedule any lessons when it rains) with saltwater chlorination under the guidance of certified coaches. Their swimming pools are also easily accessible via MRT. But if you’d prefer to have a class at a swimming complex, you can do so either at Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex, Queenstown Swimming Complex, HomeTeamNS Sembawang Clubhouse, or have private lessons at your residence.

Little Swim School offers Baby Swimming Lessons (amongst other types of lessons) for babies/infants between 6 to 42 months old. Classes at their Westway Indoor Pool will cost $46 for a trial class and S$650 for a term.

Photo Credits: Marsden Swim School (Facebook)

#14 Marsden Swim School

Marsden Swim School proclaims to be an internationally recognized swim school (the only swimming school in Singapore that has met the Gold Standard AUSTSWIM) for kids and swimmers of all levels. They have been teaching swimming for more than 20 years and all coaches from their school are fully certified. Coaches for their junior, senior, and adult squads are members of the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association and have Singapore National Accreditations in the National Registry of Coaches.

Their facility is at The Grandstand, and the pool is heated, salt-chlorinated which is great for babies and children up to the age of 7 years. A one-time enrolment fee of S$50 is applicable for new sign-ups. Classes carried out at their Grandstand facility will cost S$35 for a group lesson, S$49 for a private lesson, and S$75 on weekdays. On weekends, lessons will cost S$37 for group lessons, S$55 for semi-private lessons, and S$80 for private lessons. Do note that each session is for 30 minutes and that prices quoted exclude GST.

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#15 Otter Swim

OtterSwim is dedicated to bringing you the best swimming lessons in Singapore so that your child will only look back fondly on their swimming experience and treasure the same for life. Their swim teachers use a gentle and gradual approach, and target at helping your child with water awareness, confidence, and safety all whilst teaching in an indoor heated pool.

If you’re looking to teach your baby how to swim, OtterSwim has a Baby Otter class for infants between 3 to 36 months old. Part of their curriculum includes introducing an assisted back float and submersion in water which will be paired with tons of songs and splashing. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun!

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#16 Oyougu Aquatics

Oyougu Aquatics offers parent and baby swim classes that are designed for babies above 6 months of age. During these classes, your little one will learn how to explore the water and eventually become more confident and comfortable in the water. Your child will be introduced to the fundamentals of swimming such as blowing bubbles, kicking, floating, and submerging. Their lessons will also feature water activities such as playing and singing.

Group lessons will cost you S$432 for 12 lessons (30 minutes; S$45 for a trial class). For private lessons (minimum of 4 lessons a booking), this will cost you S$280 for 1 student, S$320 for 2 students, S$360 for 3 students, and S$400 for 4 students.

Photo Credit: Sharkies Swim School (Facebook)

#17 Sharkies Swim School

Sharkies Swim School is led by Coach Bervyn, who started his journey as a swim school teacher since 17 years of age. Sharkies Swim School believes in the benefits of small group swimming classes. With swim classes of no more than 4 attendees, their coaches will be able to pay more attention to your child and correct any issues with their stroke technique. They also offer the SSI Syllabus (international swimming certification) which has multiple stages from baby level to competitive level. Sharkies Swim School will also provide parents with weekly updates for your child’s progress so that they would be able to guide you on how to help your child in his/her swim journey.

1-1 lesson rates for Baby & Toddler Swimming Lessons will cost S$300 for 4 30-minute lessons. For 1-2 classes, it will cost you S$360 (S$180/per child for 4 30-minute lessons) and for 1-3 classes, S$420 ($140/child for 4 30-minute lessons).

Photo Credit: SmileSwimmers (Facebook)

#18 Smile Swimmers

SmileSwimmers was established in 2011 by Coach Kidd, who always had a dream of setting up a swim school for children of all ages. At SmileSwimmers, your child can benefit from their infant (3 to 12 months old) and toddler courses (for example), which is focussed on imparting the skill of swimming and survival skills, whilst helping your child to build self-confidence in their swimming abilities. For their toddler swimming classes, parents are also encouraged to join in the lessons so that your child will be able to pick up the necessary skills quicker.

These classes will cost S$300 for 12 lessons, excluding a one-time registration fee of S$40. Each child will receive a complimentary SmileSwimmers’ Starter Kit which comprises a swim cap, goggles, board, and bag.

Photo Credit: State Swim Singapore (Facebook)

#19 State Swim Swimming Schools

All about nurturing stronger and safer swimmers, State Swim Swimming Schools has 18 schools across Singapore and Australia, and more than 30,000 swimmers under its lead. They are passionate about supporting children and adults to be stronger and safer swimmers. They have more than 45 years of experience and offer flexible monthly bookings which is a definite plus point for our busy schedules. For children between the age of 6 months to 2.5 years, this will cost you S$130 per month (for 1 session/week). For a one-off lesson, this will cost you just S$50.

Photo Credit: SwimRay (Facebook)

#20 SwimRay Private Swimming Lessons

Although this is not strictly a swim school, SwimRay Private Swimming Lessons offers you the chance to have swimming lessons at more than 100 locations, even in the swimming pool of your own condominium. SwimRay’s private swim coaches come from different backgrounds such as a background in competitive swimming, triathlons, Naval Divers, and even Commandos. All coaches are also certified with world-recognized certificates and have undergone SwimRay’s structured in-house training in personalized fields before being permitted to coach.

For Babies and Toddlers, 1:1 lessons will cost you S$260 (S$65 per 30-minute lessons, 4 lessons), 1:2, S$320 (S$40 per 30-minute lessons, 4 lessons), 1:3 S$420 (S$35 per 30-minute lesson, 4 lessons) and 1:4-6 S$480+ (S$30 per 30-minute lesson, 4 lessons).

Photo Credits: Swim Schooling (Facebook)

#21 Swim Schooling

Well if you want to learn from the best, you’ve come to the right place. Swim Schooling is a swim school established by Olympic champion, Joseph Schooling, who partnered with a UK-based company to produce a unique program and teacher development training that your child will benefit from. The learn-to-swim program is for children between 3 to 11 years old and will teach them water confidence, lifesaving, and techniques for competitive swimming.

Learn-to-swim monthly lessons will cost you S$135 for 1 lesson a week, S$250 for 2 lessons a week and S$330 for 3 lessons a week. For competitive training, this will cost you S$250 for 9 sessions per week (for an entire month). For 1:1 stroke corrections, lessons are fixed at S$150, and 1:2 lessons, S$80, 1:3 lessons, S$70.

Photo Credits: SwimtoFly (Facebook)

#22 SwimtoFly

SwimtoFly prides itself on having one of the “fastest, easiest, and more interactive” swimming methods. Their classes are suitable for beginners, advanced swimmers, and parents who wish to learn how to swim the stroke correctly and with confidence. SwimtoFly’s curriculum is suitable for children above 3 years old (the “Learn to swim with confidence in the water”). All other lessons are for 4 years old and above, once they have mastered the aforementioned lesson.

To book a private swim lesson or consultation, fill in the form here for a free trial. Their main teaching locations are Novena, Newton, Orchard, Bukit Timah, Serangoon, Sentosa, Farrer Road, and River Valley.

Facebook: Swish! Swimming (Facebook)

#23 SWISH! Swimming

SWISH Swimming is Singapore’s only dedicated indoor and outdoor swim school. Their swim school is located in Dempsey Hill, and your child will be able to continue with swim lessons until pre-squad levels. Their pools are also temperature-controlled and with saltwater chlorination which is gentle on your baby’s sinus and skin. And if you’ve forgotten anything for your lesson, you can pick it up from their onsite shop.

SWISH Swimming’s conductors are all fully qualified Aust Swim instructors. Group lessons (half an hour) both with and without the parent are S$35 for weekdays and S$37 for weekends. The group lesson instructor-student ratio is 5:1. Private lessons (half an hour) are S$75, subject to availability and not available during peak times.

Photo Credits: The Swim Lab (Facebook)

#24 The Swim Lab

The Swim Lab is the brainchild of a group of ex-national swimmers, who established this swim school in 2007 to provide quality learn-to-swim classes for children. Their curriculum is focused on establishing a good foundation in stroke technique, whilst injecting fun into the mix. Their programs are suitable for toddlers and older, and each lesson is for 50 minutes (45 minutes for toddlers). You can book a free trial with them to see if their curriculum meets your child’s needs. The Swim Lab is currently operating at Fit.Bloc and Sports Lifestyle Centre.

Photo Credits: The Swim Starter

#25 The Swim Starter

The Swim Starter aims to get your child to swim to safety within just 6 months. Their classes (Beginner and Intermediate) are suitable for kids aged 4 and up, and are conducted in shallow pools which is suitable for children with no swimming experience. Swimming lessons are also conducted at public swimming complexes i.e. Toa Payoh, Hougang, Pasir Ris, and Bedok. A basic package (1 x 1h session/week) will cost you S$85 for 4 lessons. A premium package (1 x 1h session/week, but with make-up lessons and a flexible schedule) will cost you S$160 for 4 lessons. Free trials are available at The Swim Starter.

Photo Credit: Torpedo Swim Team (Facebook)

#26 Torpedo Swim School

Torpedo Swim School offers swimming programs that are suitable for toddlers aged 4 and up. Their swim programs range from beginner to competitive levels. Click here to find out more about the various programs that they offer as well as the corresponding rates for the programs.

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