Tian Wei Signature: An Honest Review of the S$35 Trial Meal

Given that we had opted to do away with having a confinement nanny, one of the “tasks” that we’ve been up to over the past few weeks is sampling various different vendors for confinement food delivery services. We first decided to sample the dishes from Tian Wei Signature, one of the confinement meal delivery services that we had previously covered.

Often featured on multiple social media influencer’s pages, Tian Wei Signature prides itself on its extensive menu which features more than 90 meat and vegetable dishes, which includes delights from both Chinese and Western cuisines. Their meal options are also MSG-free, and ingredients are specially picked to boost a mother’s breastmilk supply. At just S$35 (inclusive of GST), Tian Wei Signature’s trial meal comes with a litre of longan red date tea, a bowl of soup, a vegetable dish and a meat dish.

Placing an order with Tian Wei Signature wasn’t rocket science and the entire process took perhaps no more than 5 minutes or so. Tian Wei Signature also allowed us to indicate any food preferences and hence, we opted to try dishes that do not contain any innards or pig trotters (yes, strange I know, especially since braised pig trotters are said to have incredible benefits for women who’ve just given birth). They were also quick to follow up on our order to firm up certain details.

On the day of delivery, Tian Wei Signature’s trial meal came in a cooler bag which helped to keep the food warm. It was also a nice touch that they delivered the trial meal on time. However, for their confinement meal packages, we did note that they did not appear to have the practice of reusing/collecting the cooler bags so there’s, unfortunately, quite a fair bit of wastage there.

To be frank, we really weren’t impressed with the taste of the dishes that were delivered from Tian Wei Signature. And yes, we know that this is contrary to most reviews that you would see on their Facebook page and website. Again, everything is a matter of personal preference and in this instance, it did not check most of our boxes (and from what we heard from another friend, it did not meet their expectations either). What we received was their Red Fermented Wine Chicken, their Green Papaya Fish Soup, a black pepper vegetable dish which featured the use of nai bai, pork, black fungus and carrots, and fried rice. It was a little tough identifying the dishes (and what we were eating) because we weren’t given a menu to refer to, but that’s alright.

Perhaps we have been spoilt by the regular type of Chinese dishes that we usually eat, but we felt that in general, the dishes lacked flavour and character. Whilst we kept in mind that the dishes were free from MSG, it would have been better if the taste of the dishes could have been elevated with natural ingredients because it was otherwise a rather unappetizing meal that we struggled to finish. Out of all the dishes, we felt that the longan red date tea performed the best.

Given that a confinement meal delivery service would be for both meals over 28 days, the struggle that the both of us faced in finishing a single portion did not encourage us to sign a package with Tian Wei Signature (S$1,688 for a 28-day dual meal package). But bearing in mind that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, do give their confinement food dishes a try with their trial meal prior to finalising a package with them.

Tian Wei Signature
81 Tagore Lane, TAG A, #01-11,
Singapore 787502
Reservations: +65 6727 5599

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